Playing with the flu (or a cold)


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I'm stuffed with the flu at the moment and it's a rehearsal night. I've already decided I'm not going but it set me thinking that seeing as we blow through brass instruments is there a higher risk of infection to other band members as the bell end would sort of amplify the germs around the hall? Alternatively, would the germs just stay breeding in my instrument and come back to re-infect me at a later date.

Cough cough, must go lie down now.


I always feel better once i've had a band rehearsal and i'm stuffed with the flu. I don't Know about the spreading bussiness :)

Rambo Chick

if you play with a cold or flu, its best to clean your instrument as they harbour germs. i had recurring colds and couldnt understand why until i cleaned my instrument to rid it of all the nasty beasties :bounce that may lurk in the verdigris and 'ick' that lives in a not-regularly-cleaned instrument!



I'd rather people with flu stay at home than come to band practice, but find at rehearsal, band members moan about absentees through illness !:D

Jo Elson

It's hard to play with a cold or the flu because you can't hear what you're playing and your nose keeps running and eye's water all the time, and it's not very nice for the person next to you who ends up with it the next week. But saying that I don't like to miss rehearsals when i'm ill because i feel like i am letting people down.


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i think i'm in the minority here, but i always feel better after playing if i'm fluey. i think this is because whenever i get such diseases, they go into my chest (i'm asthmatic) and playing helps to expand the lungs thus making me able to breathe again. I recently recorded a CD while suffering from a chest infection on top of flu. That was hard work as i had to contain my coughs and sneezes to prevent retakes. It seemed whenever i played well a sneezed and the take was void. :(

A J Foad

If you have the 'flu, you won't be able to lift your head off the pillow, never mind going to band!

You have a cold - get to band practice and stop snivelling, you lazy so and so!!!

Dave Euph

Playing with the flu or a bad cold is tough because you can't breathe as well, plus you won't have as much stamina and be able to sustain long periods of play in most cases. It's nice to know there are committed to playing and attending rehearsals despite being ill, but if there's a risk of spreading it, I would rather you didn't. Mainly since one player off is a helluva lot better than the whole band!


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I've got a cold now and playing for two bands in a contest on sunday but its not stopped me from playing - if it means the bands win who cares if we all end up cancelling next weeks rehearsals because its spread round the whole band - i would say that was a blessing afterall all the extra rehearsals have made up for the next months worth!! :lol:

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