players wanted -play for leukaemia in Nottingham 11th Oct

satchmo shaz

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hi guys, on 11th oct, before the concert, there is an event to raise money for leukaemia being held in the city, Slab suare at the council house. My mate Simon who plays bass for Thoresby band had this illness and is now in remission thankfully, however his friend died last year and the friends mum is walking from Lands End to John o Groats to raise some dosh! Simon wants a band to play from 2.30 till 3.30 on the day, if any of you can make it please email simon telling him what instrument you play at (or e mail me) please bring own stand and jacket

thanks guys :wink:

Chris Kirk

11th Oct

Once again I'm not available, will be in rehearsal for Folkestone. But if you have any other events planned let me know. Will be in LE during half term.

satchmo shaz

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here is a bit more info about 11/10/03!


Saturday 11th October sees the halfway point in a charity walk in aid of Leukaemia Research. The James Skillington Challenge for Leukaemia was formed when Tony and Susan Skillington lost their son James aged 22 to the disease.
The walk by James mother Susan and her friends spans John o Groats to Lands End and on Saturday they hope to reach Nottingham by about 2.45pm.

A friend of James, himself a sufferer of leukaemia, Simon Hooley has stepped in to help.
Simon, 29 and now thankfully in remission, plays tuba for Thoresby Colliery Band so he thought that it would be a great idea to have a big brass band to greet Susan and her fellow walkers!

So the massed bands of players from Thoresby colliery Band, Carlton Main Frickly, Long Eaton Silver Prize Band, Newstead Welfare Band, Matlock, Leics Co-op and Derwent Bras will play in the market square in Nottingham from 3pm till 4 pm approx

For further information or to make a donation, please contact Simon Hooley on 07980 833041 or e mail

or email me!!


Would love to help out, but unfortunately have a radio show at that time, closely followed by a long train journey to Kent.
Good luck to the band in raising more money for this worthwhile cause and to the walkers as well :D

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