players reqd for whit friday

Hiya Nick!

I'll ask about at uni for you but I wouldn't hold my breath because I think all the brass players are already out.

help reqd for whit friday

hello jayne,it would be great if u do know anybody as time is running out.if u do hear of anybody please let liz know asap as i am on nightshift this week.thanks for your help.
hi ive got one contact for you! i havent been able to get hold ov his house number! hes my old music teacher at chalder high, hes called neil robinson and he played for wingates a few years ago! still plays! (well) so ive got the number for the school (01422 883213) ask for neil robinson and say i (Richard Cowens) recomended him! its along shot though 3 days befor!
good look!!!
cya around!


Im free all day friday. Put in a day off coz my band were going and they have pulled out now coz people couldnt get time off work.

So if anyone needs a bass trom at this late hour let me know.

Im checking my email throughout the day.

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