Players needed in Scotland


Broxburn Band urgently require Front row cornets or soprano if possible. The band have recently appointed Archie Hutchison as the new MD so come along and help the band take another step in the right direction.

Contact Band President Alex Chalmers:
01506 500152


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Here Mark I hear you are getting a lovely ex Aberdeen lad to your band.
You look after him he is a nice lad............don't lead him astray. :wink:


Well I haven't met him yet, but if he's as good as Bruce said when he recommended him, then I'll be a seriously happy camper :D

Hope evrythings well in Aberdeen, hope the weathers not hitting you too bad


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It is bad...all schools closed again tomorrow.

Yeh he was my principal trombone in the youth band.
He was started by Jamesie and he would also recommend him.
The main thing is he is a nice lad and not in anyway bigheaded - very down to earth. His younger sister is an excellent percussionist. She plays for us.

Long may the snow the continue and we be off school. :wink:

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