Pirates of the Carribean


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Having sat through the DVD of this movie again (my wife likes Johnny Depp) I was struck by how good the soundtrack is especially the main theme. Does anyone know if there is a brass band arrangement. Before anyone asks I've already checked Just Music.

Big Twigge

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There's been a thread about this before (but I think it went off topic to who was sexier, Mr Depp or Mr Bloom). From what i seem to remember it seems to have been arranged for everthing bar brass band!THat was a few months ago though so, maybe there's one now :D


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WhatSharp? said:
Theme for Pirates of the Carribbean at a guess? :D
(yes still at work)

Tut - tut - tut - Mr Whatsharp!!!!!!!!!

We told you we're gonna keep an eye on you :p :p

This is the mouthpiece Police Patrol :wink: :wink: :D :D


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Yeh well we're all struggling to keep our brains active so we're running shifts!, so I'll be off in a mo (well off back to do some work that is!).

Need food, Need Sleep, Need Holiday!


Les Wood

Why don't you try the arrangement of Gladiator - it's almost exactly the same music. I don't know how Hans Zimmer (the movie composer) and his team get away with it!
I noticed how good it was as well and think it would go really well for band. I tried to arrange it but failed miserably so asked one of the guys at uni to do it. I know he's started it and hopefully will be ready soon but i think its on the back burner at the moment because of assignments and exams. Will keep you all informed though!!



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My friend (who is completely devoid of any musical talent apart from attempting to sing and failing - therefore making him COMPLETELY devoid of musical talent :D) sits there and listens to the titles over and over and over again... I'm not sure why. He hasn't bothered looking for the soundtrack either. I'd like to see the music for it :?



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i reckon it should be arranged if it hasnt been.
tMP music bods! Go Forth and do wot u guys do best!!!!!!


Arranging Pirates of the Carribbean for brass band :?: I think its one of those ideas that seems good at the time. OK its a reasonably good tune, but usually you finish up with a mediocre arrangement that is all noise and naff all in it i.e. music from the "Rocky" films. :twisted:


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On a similar track, anyone know if Stargate SG1 has been arranged. Heard it last night on tv and it would be a cracker IMHO.

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