Pirates of the Carribean


I was chuffed to bits when my wife bought me the DVD of Pirates of Carribean as a Valentine's present. Now I'm really hooked on the music and think that the main theme would make a great brass band arrangement. Does anyone know if this is being worked on, or are any of tMPs arrangers going to be giving it a bash?

Cheers, Greg.


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that would be cool. however, i think there is only one main reason for watching pirates of the caribbean..... johhny depp. does any1 else think he is mighty fine?
Jonny Depp is 'mighty fine', eyeliner does him the world of good...

If i wasnt so busy i'd love to have a go at it, i'm meant to be doing a les mis arrangement as well.

I have the dvd so i'll get listening and see if anything inspirational happens.
i think a vote would be interesting. We could set up a poll: Jonny depp vs Orlando Bloom. Only in the context of pirates of the carribbean though.


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of course. and yes...... i never knew i would find a nearly 40 year old guy who looked good in eyeliner in my lifetime!!!!!!!!!!!


Mmmm...Jonny Depp is soooo sexy in that film! Much moreso than Orlando Bloom, who is a bit too feminine really.
It's a fantastic film with a really fantastic soundtrack! :D

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