Pieces for band and choir - your ideas please

Anyone got any tips for pieces for band and choir. I'm looking ahead to a Christmas concert and perhaps a couple of finale pieces for each half. The band parts can be as hard (fun to play more importantly!) as you like but the choir parts need to be fairly easy for them to even consider.

Gordon Langford's Christmas Fantasy has worked well in the past but it doesn't have to be Christmassy, in fact there will probably be too much Christmas stuff already!

Anything's got to be better than the dodgy medlies that have been picked by the choir in previous years :shock:

Any top tips please.....


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Handels Mwessiah?

we did theres no buisiness like show buissiness at my old school!! went down well!


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We used "Schneewaltzer" at our Civic Carol Service last year and it went down very well - a bit cheesy, but a great one for getting the audience swaying and joining in!


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oh at SSBB we do 12 days of xmas get the audience to sing and we just sing 5gold rings in different ways one year we had the horn section sing the copa cobana whilst dancin!! but thats not a choir so ignore me!! :oops:


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We do a great arrangement of "Bohemian Rhapsody" with our local Am. Operatic Society - it always brings the house down.
The arrangement is by our MD.
For Christmas, "O Holy Night" can be done with Choir
Sleigh Ride, thats always a lively one.
And that other one, eh is it the chrismas song that starts "Chesnusts roasting on an open fire...." - I've always liked these - there are loads you can do really , just have to readjust where the verses can be sung or repeat some sections to make sure the choir get some substantial singing in a piece.

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