Sold/Expired Piccolo Trumpet for sale?


I'm just wondering if anyone knows of anyone that might be selling a Picc.
Just looking at the moment, and checking out prices.

Have a look at the secondhand stuff at John Myatt in Hitchin;

Although they are a long way from you the list might give you some ideas.
They've got a choice in several keys.
You'll need Adobe Acrobat to view the list but I think you can download it from Myatts site.
If you are going to the RNCM Festival of Brass, Myatts are there too so they may even bring them up for you to look at and blow.
piccolo trumpet

hi there!!!
ive recently bought a brand new piccolo trumpet, a scherzer 8111 piccolo. its a rotory valve piccolo and its absolutly fantastic!!! very fast reponse and a brilliant sound!!! just e-mail various music stores n see how cheep u can get it, i got mine from my local music store but they had to get it in specially. cost me £1270 (i got it free of vat, £1700 with vat) its worth havin a go first cuz of the rotary valve, u get used to them though...

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