Peter Lockett to lead Flixton.


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Flixton Band is delighted to announce that Peter Lockett will be conducting them at the forthcoming North West Regional Championships.
Peter, was the MD of the band during its most successful period. Under his direction, the band progressed from the 4th to 1st Section, and was regarded as one of the most formidable combinations, outside the Championship Section.
After returning to the band as a player 1 year ago, Peter has now accepted the invitation to lead Flixton's attempt at this year's area contest.
The band are currently hard at work, and have been strengthening their ranks in preparation. Everyone at Flixton Band is looking forward to recreating the previously successful partnership.
At present, the band is at full strength. However, due to college and work commitments, they will require the following - Principal Percussionist, Tenor Horn, and BBb Bass players, in time for the Area Contest.
Any interested players should telephone Flixton Band on 07930 932945


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Just to keep you all updated-Peter is making a fantastic job of bringing the band together for the area contest but unfortunately pete is unable to take the band on fulltime. We are welcoming further applications for the fulltime post. Auditions will be taking place after the area. So if you fancy taking the lead at a strong, committed band give Mike a shout on 07930 932945 or take a look at our website

Kev Ackford

Rumour around the band world says Kev Ackford Wants the Job if U get him u has scored top notched the cornish sense of humour will keep u off the pasties haha

hope u do get him
and good look to peter hope whatever he decides to do in the future maps out well
kevin ackford once auditioned 4 hebden juniors and i thort he did a good job and only just got pipped 2 the position by flixtons cornet player tom, so if he gets the job i think u'll have a good conductor there
OK Sorry about that, I did misunderstand but---------------

This is taken from tmp faq

"What are Announcements?
Announcements often contain important information and you should read them as soon as possible. Announcements appear at the top of every page in the forum to which they are posted. Whether or not you can post an announcement depends on the permissions required, which are set by the administrator.

No disrespect to Flixton, but does this topic really fit into this description, although I do see its been published by a moderator......... I do hope people aren't taking advantage of there own status within this forum.


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Hi onedrummeruk,

You're very observant ... hehe...nice one.

Just to let you know that Rach indeed had our full backing here. We made the initial thread an announcement - where Rachel (on behalf of Flixton band) was advertising and looking for a replacement MD - because the resignation of their MD came as a total shock and surprise and thus we were asked to make it an announcement due to the Areas fast approaching. Both Roger and I offered our services if needed - though it looks as if Flixton have now found a great replacement MD.

I believe this thread was made an announcement just in case anyone was still thinking of applying for the role... job done eh!

Rach does a brilliant job here on tMP and this was done with our full blessing and knowledge. She would never take advantage. If you ever experience similar unexpected circumstances, we would happily do the same for you also... :)


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