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Anyone see that OU programme on BBC last night (late) about these mad chaps building their own natural trumpets with sheet brass and a hammer?

Was quite interesting.

Oh, and I want to be able to lip trill like that.. :roll:


How about a TV show where two bands are set loose in a metal shop with pipe, tubing and sheet wetal. They are given 24 hours and a score. In that time the must build their own instruments and rehearse the work they are given. At the end they both perform and one is judged the winner. Sort of a "Junkyard Wars" for brass band.


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and back to the original post, i think that natural trumpets take alot of skill to play. and, like an earlier post, would love to be able to trill like that. i suppose its like any other skill though, its something you just have to work on till you get it.

dam, why can't we be born with all these skills... :wink:


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lets face it, only aliens can lip trill... it's not natural, so if you see anyone doing it report them!


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Okiedokie of Oz said:
I was told it's the ONLY way a trombonist should trill!

Oh, that's just slide oneupmanship from whoever told you. If there is a trill on your part, and you can do it to the right note with the trigger but not without, why not do it with the trigger? The example that springs to mind is the Canadian Brass 5tet arrangement of Brandenburg 3(? number may be wrong), where (in band treble clef, starting on the F in the first space) the part at one point runs F (up to) C C(trill) Bb C D C Bb C (up to) F in the rhythm quaver quaver quaver semi semi quaver semi semi quaver quaver at quite a brisk speed. This figure comes for everybody in the group at various points, and everybody else will play a tone trill. There is really only time for three notes on this trill, so it is not hugely noticable, but why play something different (CEC, for example, in 1st pos) or unwieldy (CDC in 5-6-5, maybe) when the solution is easily to hand? The audience won't notice and wouldn't care if they did.


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