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Intrument: Percussion


Location/Region: well im in the north west area but im nearer st helens

Grade: just passed my grade 6 but im a good sight reader

Name: Sarah Chapman

Contact Details: pm me or email me and ill send u my fone number or summat

Instrument(s) played: anything percussion basically, but not bodhrans or things like that or dhols for that matter.

Section of Band you are comfortable to deputise for: pretty much any band really. i was tempted to say for this question PERCUSSION but then i read it again.

How much notice do you require: preferably about 2 weeks but that might be a bit optimistic, other wise i think a week, but at a push 24 hours

Name of your present Band: haydock band, st helens youth brass band, NCBBGB

Position played within present Band: principle perc in st helens youth and just a perc in haydock

What section is your present Band in: haydock is NW area championship section, St Helens Youth are obviously youth section but may be the champions of the youth section in britain all going well in a week or 2

Would you require transport: most probably yes i would because i cannot drive (coz im 14!!!) and my parents probably wouldnt take lightly to being a bigger taxi service than they already are!

Do you require expenses: expenses would be nice! but just a small fee for my time is sufficient!

Any additional comments/Information:

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