People in instrument cases

Dave Payn

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nickjbeaumarisband said:
I can't confirm or deny that myself or Gavin Saynor were involved in the afore mentioned incident...I can spill the beans and sing like a canary for Money tho...damn percussionists grrrrrrr
Can't say I've ever seen a person in an instrument case, but perhaps I could persuade my girlfriend to try and get into one. She might not succeed but the view I'd get wouldn't half give me the h...... (stop it there, Dave!)


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It was a large old wooden boosey and hawkes case......smelled funny. It was just a question asked " do you think he will fit in there " so we did...took ages to unpick the lock.....
I had nothing to do with the sleeping bag incident tho....( well just a little )


One time on an overnight stay at a community centre one of our band members forgot his sleeping bag and slept in a timp cover.

Red Elvis

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Back in my SA days we were subjected to a class called "Corps Cadets".With all due respect to our teachers , this was not the most scintillating of pastimes and my mate and I locked ourselves into a couple of BB flat bass cases in band cupboard in order to avoid it !!