Passport - A Musical Journey (Roger Webster)

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We are pleased to announce that Roger Webster will be at the World of Brass trade stand at the European Brass Band Championships, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on Saturday 1st May to sign copies of his latest solo CD, Passport - A Musical Journey.
Roger will be present between 2pm and 3pm.

For those of you who cannot be present in Glasgow this weekend, orders for this CD can now be placed on our website by clicking on this link;
Just a wee reminder as well. Not only will Roger be signing copies on Saturday he will be also be a guest soloist with the Scottish Co-op Band on Sunday. He will be playing one of the pieces featured on his new CD, the Harry James version of Carnival of Venice. Please note that his appearance on Sunday was a last minute change to the printed programme so please tell your friends that Roger will indeed be heard this weekend.


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A BIG thank you to Roger Webster for taking part in the signing session at our trade stand on Saturday.
I hope that all who wanted a signed copy got one.

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