Passing of Tom Martin

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Tom Martin died on Sunday morning following a stroke he had a few days earlier on Wednesday.
Tom is survived by his wife Lena and by his children, Tom, Catherine and Anne Marie.
The passing of Tom Martin is very sad news indeed for everyone in Scottish banding, and in particular for his many friends, colleagues and the countless pupils who Tom taught over the years.
Tom was a pioneering brass teacher in West Lothian in the 1970’s and founded the Fauldhouse Miners Youth band which he took from the 4th to the Championship section in Scotland in successive years!. I was a pupil of ‘Mr Martin’ at Whitburn Academy in the mid 1970’s.
Tom's Requiem Mass will take place on Saturday 29th March in St. John the Baptist R.C. Church, Fauldhouse at 10am. Tom will be interred afterwards in Fauldhouse cemetery.
A vey great teacher to many, his passing is a very great loss to many.
Andy Duncan.


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Sad news indeed for someone I remember from my childhood who seemed to have time & encouragement for everyone. I was a good friend of his son, Tom, during the period early to late '70s. I give my condolences to his family in this time of grief.


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My sincere condolences to Lena, and their children Tom, Catherine and Anne Marie.

Our thoughts are with you at this sad time.
Sad news.... I first met Tom at a regional orchestra course I was attending whilst still at school, and he, as trombone coach, opened up all kinds of new perspectives on playing to me. He remained a friend and inspiration - I wrote a few tunes for him - and he was always full of encouragement to me in all my musical endeavours. One of the good guys. RIP Tom.


I am saddened to hear the news of Mr Martins death. I regarded him as my first proper teacher when i joined the fauldhouse band about 11 years ago just starting out on the cornet. He was a great teacher and an inspiration to me when i was younger. Even when i moved on from Fauldhouse it was always great to meet him at contests where he would always have a few jokes and words of encouragement. A man i will always have great respect for.

My thoughts are with his family at this time.
This is sad news indeed.

Like Andy, Tom was my teacher during the mid 1970's at Whitburn Academy and what a good teacher he was.

Always patient, always encouraging the development of musicianship alongside technique.How fortunate we all were to be in such capable hands.

It was Tom who "encouraged" ( ! ) me to move from cornet / flugel onto a bigger instrument - a move which I initially resisted, being a rather stubborn youth who fancied himself as the next Jim Shepherd or Phillip McCann.

Needless to say he was right, and even I saw it eventually.

To take a bunch of what were basically his pupils from scratch, mould them into the Fauldhouse Miners Youth Band, and take them right through the sections from 4th to Championship in successive years was a remarkable achievement and testament to his skills as both a teacher and conductor.

His legacy will live on in the countless players spread through many different bands both in Scotland and further afield.

I feel proud and very fortunate to count him as one of the formative influences on my playing and my sympathy goes out to his wife Lena and his children, Tom, Catherine and Anne Marie.

Fern Brady

Hello, I'm Tom's granddaughter. I just wanted to say how incredibly touching it is to read all of this praise for him. I had no idea how popular he was. We were all with him in his last few days in hospital and we had the nurses lend us a CD player so he was listening to his favourite jazz and, of course his Fauldhouse Miners CD even in hospital. Though he never fully regained consciousness after the stroke, as soon as we put the music on, his foot started tapping away and he was moving his hands to the beat!
Obviously, me and the rest of the family will miss him enormously but the fact that such a huge volume of people have sent their condolences is amazing and a source of comfort to us.

Thank you,
Hello Fern,

I hope you don't mind me posting this on the forum.I was going to do a private message but was unable to as I don't think you are fully signed up ?

I contacted an old school friend , Willie McIntosh, to tell him the news about Tom.Willie is in the USA at the moment but I'm sure wouldn't mind me quoting a little of the email which he sent me today.

Hi Sandy,

I've just picked up the voicemail you left on my mobile. We are in Orlando on holiday until 6th April.
This is very sad news about Tom Martin. I spoke to him not long ago in Fauldhouse Co-op. In fact when I stayed
in Fauldhouse for a few years, I bumped into him a number of times. He always spoke of you and Andy
Duncan and how much both of you have achieved. It was evident he was very proud to have tutored you both.
I found him to be very patient and always encouraging, paying the same, if not more attention to those of us who
struggled with our playing.
I just read a fitting tribute to Tom on Very true - he was a gentleman.
Kind Regards,

I hope you don't mind me sharing this on here but I just thought that it shows how much your grandad's former pupils hold him in high esteem.



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This is sad news.
I knew Tom and he was a great encourager of everyone he came in contact with.
Tom Martin a True Gentleman

Tom Martin was a man I had a tremendous respect and admiration for. He will be sadly missed. My thoughts are with his family at this time. God Bless.

David James


Tom will always be remembered in County Clare in the west of Ireland where he and Leena were regular visitors. His inspiration will live in generations of musicians to come. A true gentleman who remembered everyone and who will be remembered always by everyone he came into contact with. Ar dheis Dé go a anam.


Tom Martin

Very sad to hear about Tom,I used to Play in Fauldhouse Miners Brass Band Trombone, He was such a great conductor,person, and friend he gave so much encouragement to us youngsters then ! who time flies.. I still look back with fond memorys of that time and all the people at the band that Tom knew and guided them on to further success in there lives. My newphew is studying at jazz Trombone at the Guildhall in London I try to give him the encouragment that I received From Tom as I said before a great teacher a great conductor a great person and a great friend... He will be sadly missed, my and my familys thoughts are with you Leena and the family at this sad time,My sister lesley still plays and i am sure she has many many fond memorys of her time with Fauldhouse.

kindest regards

Glenn harvey & Family


Very sad to learn of Mr Martin's passing. His achievements with the children he taught in the 1970's and 1980's were phenomenal and I consider myself very lucky to have been part of the band he built and led to success. He truly was an inspirational man and a great conductor. It's been over 25 years since I saw Tom but his influence remains.

Sincere condolences to all of Tom's family.

Kenneth Haggarty

Catherine Brady

Nine years have passed since my dad passed away. I'm so proud of the person he was and of what he achieved in life. He had very little growing up but tried his utmost to give others his all. My own three children were and still are in true admiration of him which is a testament of the life he lived. We all still miss him and now my mum/their gran dreadfully but are thankful to have had them in our lives.
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