Hello to all,

I'm working on Pantomime at the moment and I'm just wondering what people like doing in the last bar?

Also, is there a wrong note in the 7th bar of P?
In the solo treble clef part there is an E# in the 2nd lots of semi's while in the piano part there is an E natural.


Naomi McFadyen

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Last note: Edit: I've just kinda realised that ur talking about the piece, arent you.... not a pantomine :oops: :oops:

About the note... not sure without hearing it... could be a mistake though, depending on what the composers intensions are



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Have you got the recording of Nick Childs playing it on the Sovereign Soloists CD? Well, he does lips trills going up to the last note, which sounds really good. When I attempt to play it though lol! I just do a valve slidey thingy :? :shock: :roll:
I like to run up the scale from f to f but kinda trill or shake each note a bit, then do a siren effect until c, which is conveniently the dominant of the chord, then trill some more and valve slide to the high f - sounds like its overdetailed, but its just a combination of the ways that david childs and steven mead have done it in the past, just pick your favourite parts from any soloist i guess!...are you preparing it for the open eupho at the nationals??

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