Pancake day!!!

Seeing as today is shrove tuesday aka pancake day, what is your favourite topping for pancakes?
lemon and sugar? golden syrup? or do you dislike pancakes?? :shock:

My favourite is lemon and sugar but can also be tempted by hot cherries or golden syrup.



Jo Elson

lemon and sugar for me. But my parents told me i gotta wait for one of them to come home-i dont think they trust me.


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Lemon and Sugar.

Did anyone watch Liz from Blue Peter's absolutley crud throw... it was rather funny...


Just shoved 4 massive pancakes with jam and sugar down my neck. :D
....and even better, I didn't make them!(thanx Tim)


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Nope. We stocked up with lots of Tesco's Own Brand Batter, at a bargain of. Wait for it. Only:

10P a packet.... bargain ;)


Lots of Butter, a little maple syrup.

So, time to play fill in the American, I guess. So what is today? I assume it has something to do with being the day before Ash Wednesday. And why pancakes? And lastly what is Golden syrup? Is it the same thing we call corn syrup? or what's yours made from?


Thanks Roger.

I knew about the pancake tossing, but not the connection to lent, it's sort of like the story of pretzels, same historical logic.

Still wondering about golden syrup.


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jus good old lemon and sugar.............. although they are really good with a big dollop of chocolate icecream :D yummers. none for me today tho, i could burn salad if i tried, so i darent attempt pancakes, and my dad dont do stuff like that :(


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darn, missed out entirely due to sudden onset of sleep after work... might have to learn how to make this batter stuff as well... is it ok if i have a pancake wednesday for myself? I'll chuck some ash in there to make it ok...

anyway, lemon and sugar for me, the way me mum used to make em...


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