Paddy's Stanley Wainwright Memorial Trophy - 2012

Paddy Flower

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I'm going to establish prices for The Stanley Wainwright Memorial Trophy awarded to the best individual performance at the Open.
You can bet upto 50 paddy pounds on a maximum of 10 different players (whole pound bets only please). As with league betting pay-outs are on a tote basis so you get paid out at the rate set on conclusion of betting, which 9am SATURDAY morning. I'll try and update odds as often as possible both here and on my twitter account @paddyflower

Here's two 4br links that may help in making your mind up... lists all the main protaganists is a review of 'Electra' that may give a hint as to which instruments could be the more likely candidates

This is open to ALL tMP members, you don't have to be a member of 'Paddy's Fantasy Brass Band League', you can place your bets here on this thread or if your prefer to do it privately you can e-mail me (address in signature).

The person with the biggest pay-out wins the Fantasy Stanley Wainwright.
Good luck
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Paddy Flower

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OK I've had half a dozen responses by e-mail so we can start with a very rough market based entirely on bets received.

win pay-out Latest
3.57Richard Marshall15/8 F
6.25Mark Wilkinson4/1
10.00Glenn van Looy7/1
10.00Roger Webster7/1
10.00Matthew White7/1
10.00Glyn Williams7/1
12.50Brett Baker9/1
25.00John Barber20/1
25.00David Thornton20/1

keep those opinions coming...

Paddy Flower

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and here is the first book on a soloist prize, no more bets...

win pay-out
3.78Richard Marshall2/1 F
9.14Gary Curtin13/2
13.28Mark Wilkinson10/1
15.45Glenn van Looy11/1
15.45Roger Webster11/1
17.00Alan Horgan12/1
18.89Matthew White14/1
19.77David Thornton14/1
21.25Glyn Williams16/1
28.33Toni Howden22/1
34.00Iain Culross25/1
42.50Brett Baker33/1
56.67Byron Newton50/1
85.00Chris Doran66/1
85.00Joe Cook66/1
85.00John Barber66/1
85.00Jon Beaumont66/1
85.00Stuart Lingard66/1
170.00David Smith150/1
170.00Dewi Griffiths150/1
170.00Helen Williams150/1
170.00Kevin Crockford150/1
170.00Mike Eccles150/1
170.00Shaun Crowther150/1
170.00Sheona White150/1
170.00Steve Stewart150/1

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