Paddy's Midlands Area - 2012

Paddy Flower

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Final prices now that we're underway...

League win pay-outChampionship SectionLatestFrom
1.46Virtuosi GUS4/6 fav8/134/55/4
2.57Desford Colliery7/413/8Evens
9.00Thoresby Colliery10/111/114/122/1
14.82Newstead Brass14/118/111/1
19.38Sovereign Brass25/133/166/150/1
29.65Jaguar Land Rover25/122/114/110/1
50.40City of Coventry Brass66/11000/1
126.00Derwent Brass66/1100/133/1
84.00Oddfellows Brass100/1150/1200/1
252.00Jackfield (Elcock Reisen)150/166/1
168.00Gresley Colliery200/11000/1200/1250/1

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League win pay-outFirst SectionLatestFrom
1.76Ratby Co-operative11/8 fav13/85/2
8.58Phoenix West Midlands Brass11/19/114/112/1
9.51Foresters Brass 200012/111/116/114/112/1
12.87Leicestershire Co-op18/114/140/125/122/1
15.09Carlton Brass20/116/125/133/128/1
24.31Brackley & District33/1100/1
43.75Shirland Welfare66/1100/1250/1100/1
54.69Blidworth Miners Welfare66/150/1
48.61Wellington (Telford) Brass66/1150/1350/1250/1
62.50Bedworth Brass100/1200/1250/1150/1

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League win pay-outSecond SectionLatestFrom
2.63Raunds Temperance5/2 fav3/18/111/1
4.31Foss Dyke4/1100/304/14/17/2
5.20Bilton Silver (Rugby)5/111/25/1
5.25Shirebrook MW Unison5/19/211/210/18/1
18.00Towcester Studio16/112/1
45.82Avonbank (Evesham)22/118/18/115/28/1
25.20Bakewell Silver25/120/118/116/1
22.91Amington Brass25/122/128/120/112/1

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League win pay-outThird SectionLatestFrom
4.29Daventry & District5/1 jt fav11/29/18/1
4.17Rolls-Royce (Derby)5/1 jt fav11/212/110/114/1
6.08Stamford Brass7/115/27/110/1
6.94Rushden Windmill15/28/111/2100/30
8.41Rushden Town10/19/112/111/16/1
12.87Hucknall & Linby MC12/18/115/28/1
11.82Long Eaton Silver14/112/116/1
10.94West Mercia Constabulary14/118/128/125/118/1
15.63Cubbington Silver16/114/110/114/1
12.15Ibstock Brick Brass16/133/122/120/1
13.67City of Birmingham 16/118/1
18.23Wem Jubilee18/116/19/18/1
12.50Croft Silver18/125/1150/1100/1
24.31Fairfield (Buxton)28/133/128/1
39.77Stourport-on-Severn Brass28/125/112/1
145.83Arrow Valley40/133/110/19/1
54.69Shipston Town66/150/140/166/1

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League win pay-outFourth SectionLatestFrom
2.19Ireland Colliery (Chesterfield)5/2 fav11/49/25/1
4.84Burbage (Buxton)6/113/26/113/2
5.52University of Warwick6/15/19/23/1
5.94Market Rasen RPC8/111/114/116/125/1
6.03Ratby Co-op ‘Mid’9/115/218/122/1
14.52Trentham Brass18/116/112/114/1
15.52Kirkby Colliery Welfare20/122/120/122/1
16.33Whitwell Brass25/128/140/166/1100/1
26.13Thoresby Colliery Youth40/128/150/1
30.15Bestwood Black Diamonds40/133/114/1
35.64Cleobury Mortimer Concert Brass40/133/125/128/1
43.56Malvern Hills & District40/133/120/125/1
39.20Skegness Silver50/166/133/120/1
30.15Corby Silver50/1150/1
32.67Ilkeston Brass50/166/1200/1250/1
35.64Coleshill Town50/1100/1150/1
65.33Moulton 77 Brass66/128/133/1
43.56Audley Brass66/1
56.00Ifton Colliery66/1100/150/1
65.33Burbage Silver100/166/1150/1
98.00Pleasley Welfare100/166/140/125/118/1
392.00Stone Town350/1500/1200/1
Well, 3rd section results were bizarre to say the least! Not totally convinved the men in the tent were listening to the same bands we were. But as they say that's banding


Well, 3rd section results were bizarre to say the least! Not totally convinved the men in the tent were listening to the same bands we were. But as they say that's banding
I thought 14th was a harsh result for Cubbington. However it's the opinions of the men in the tent that count.
I think the test piece, Olympus, lent itself to a great deal of interpretation, especially in tempo and dynamic. I felt my band played well, but finished well down the order. I heard 2 of the bands in the top 4 and the second placed band played the piece quite differently from my own. It seems that they played the piece exactly the way the adjudicators liked it and good luck to them. I was not to sure what the pre-result pep talk from the adjudicator about the tempo really meant. Anyway good day, well done to all who played and good luck to the Midlands finalists at Cheltenham.


Chuffed to bits with our 5th place at Bedworth this afternoon! :woo:woo:wooCongrats to Desford!
Just got back from Bedworth after covering fourth Section a racking day. Well done to Burbage BUXTON and all the qualifyers plus the rest for a first class ran contest.


Looking like Newhall and Trentham up to the 3rd section next year with Burbage missing out by 0.5 on points

Well done to all bands yesterday happy ICCB going to be going back to the finals for a 2nd year in a row.


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Newhall were well pleased with how the day turned out. Really happy for many members of our band who deserve a few of the good things. Congrats to all those who tasted sucess and well done to the others for trying and maybe next year will be yours.
Congratulations to Newhall on reaching the Finals and to Trentham and Newhall for gaining promotion to the Third Section. Feel very sorry for Burbage who did everything they could do and miss out on promotion by 0.5 point.