Paddy’s Fantasy Formula 1 World Championship…

Paddy Flower

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From the man who clearly has too much time on his hands comes his latest fantasy game and a nice little antidote to the world cup.

We’ll play exclusively on THIS thread (no PMs or e-mails please)

To Enter. Post a thread nominating ONE F1 team and THREE drivers. You may change ONE of the 4 components of your selection per race if you wish (your 3 drivers DO NOT need to include one from the team you have nominated). Deadline to enter a Grand Prix or make a change to your line-up is when qualifying STARTS on the Saturday of a race weekend.

Scoring. As with the Fantasy Brass Band League scoring is done using a tote style system. Each one of your 4 selections counts as ONE vote. All the votes are totalled and divided up as points to the correct predictors – so if there was 20 players in a race and 5 of them voted for Ferrari and Ferrari win, each person who voted for them would receive 4 points (20 points ÷ 5 players). With the individual drivers, the players who voted for the winner would receive a share of 70% of the votes, 2nd place 20% of the votes and 3rd 10%, so it encourages you to try and pick the dark horse. The 2 parts of the score (TEAM and INDIVIDUAL) are added together to decide the winner of each race, to score points you need the winning team and/or drivers on the podium. In the event of any ties the place goes to the player who has had their predictions in the longest.

The Drivers Championship. As with the real F1 championship our winner takes 25 points, with 18 and 15 being awarded for second and third places respectively. The next seven finishers will score 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 and 1 point respectively.

The Constructors Championship. Why not buddy-up with another tMPer and make a team? I’ll run a separate constructors championship if you want to do that. I need a team name with no more than TWO players per team (just like the real thing).

Paddy Flower

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We’re starting mid-season with…

The European Grand Prix (ValenciaSpain) Sunday 27th June

Teams & Drivers

Jenson Button - Lewis Hamilton

Red Bull
Sebastien Vettel - Mark Webber

Felipe Massa - Fernando Alonso

Michael Schumacher - Nico Rosberg

Robert Kubica - Vitaly Petrov

Force India
Adrian Sutil - Vitantonio Liuzzi

Toro Rosso
Sebastien Buemi - Jaime Alguersuari

Rubens Barrichello - Nico Hulkenberg

BMW Sauber
Pedro de la Rosa - Kamui Kobayashi

Jarno Trulli - Heikki Kovalainen

Karun Chandhok - Bruno Senna

Timo Glock - Lucas di Grassi

Ex-Pat BBb

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Sounds like fun

Team. McLaren
Drivers. Gotta be our boy Jenson, Alonso & Webber

I'm open for a teammate ('Force Craggy Island' Mrs Doyle?)

Paddy Flower

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European GP result...

1. Vettel - @ 10.50 points per vote
2. Hamilton - 1.50
3. Button - 0.50

Team - Red Bull - 5.00

So our first fantasy GP result is...

1st. tubaminstrel - 10.50 points
2nd. sbandsman - 5.5
3rd. boneman0970 - 2
5th. Ex-Pat BBb - 0.5

An explanation
We had 5 fantasy drivers each contributing 3 driver votes and 1 team vote. (=15 driver votes, 5 team votes). Winner driver pot is 70% of 15 (10.50), 2nd 20% (3.00), 3rd 10% (1.50). Team pot 5.00. Only one fantasy driver (tubaminstrel) picked Vettel as so took all 10.50 points. 2 picked Hamilton in 2nd so they shared the 3.00 points (1.50 each) and 3 picked Button sharing 1.50 pts (0.50 each)

Paddy Flower

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British Grand Prix next.

Deadline Saturday 10th July at the start of qualification

The next 5 fantasy drivers to join will get the spare championship points un-won from our first race.

Paddy Flower

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British GP result

1st - Webber @ 5.25 per vote
2nd - Hamilton - 1.50
3rd - Rosberg - 1.50

Winning Team - Red Bull - 2.50

OUR result...

1st - sbandman - 7.75 pts
2nd - Ex-Pat BBb - 5.25
3rd - COOL,CORNET,CAVE - 3.00
4th - tubaminstrel - 2.50
5th - boneman0970 - 1.50

The Standings (after 2 races)

sbandsman - 43 pts
tubaminstrel - 37
Ex-Pat BBb - 28
boneman0970 - 25

:eek::eek: ONLY 5 IN IT SO FAR :eek::eek:

c'mon there's gotta be more than 5 F1 fans on tMP...

Paddy Flower

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German GP Result

1st - Alonso depending on how you see it @ 5.25 per vote
2nd - Massa - 3.00
3rd - Vettel - 0.50

Winning Team - Red Bull - 2.50 nobody put down Ferrari so we go to the next team

OUR result...

1st - tubaminstrel - 11.25 pts
2nd - boneman0970 - 5.25
3rd - sbandsman - 2.50
4th - COOL,CORNET,CAVE - 0.50 had his bets in longer than...
5th - Ex-Pat BBb - 0.50

The Standings (after 3 races)

tubaminstrel - 62 pts
sbandsman - 58
boneman0970 - 43
Ex-Pat BBb - 38

next race Hungarian GP THIS weekend.
Deadline for entries is the start of qualifying on the Saturday

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