Oughtibridge Brass Band - Vacancies

Edit: current vacancies towards the end of the thread

Oughtibridge Brass Band

3rd section band based on the North West edge of Sheffield
require :-

2 front row cornet players
to complete our line up

Solo Horn
Tenor Trombone
BBb Bass

to cover for family and work comittments

We have qualified for the finals two out of the last three years and now are the top placed band in the Yorkshire 3rd section.
We are hoping for a good result to get promotion to the 2nd section this year

If you feel you could help

see http://www.oughtibridgebb.freeserve.co.uk/ for more details

or Email me at

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Musical Director required

Oughtibridge Brass Band are currently looking for a MD.
We are based to the northwest of Sheffield and are currently at the top of the Yorkshire third section so are looking for someone who can help us gain promotion to the 2nd section.
Practice nights Tuesday and Friday 7:30 to 9:30

See our website http://www.oughtibridgebb.freeserve.co.uk/ for more information

If you are interested Email Hilary@Mateer.co.uk
or phone our Band Manager John Linton on 0114 2665693
Cornets and Sop required

Oughtibridge Brass Band
We are a 3rd section Brass Band band on the Northwest side of Sheffield.
Currently the top placed band in the Yorkshire 3rd section and looking for players to help us win promotion to the second section

Positions available :-
Principal, Bumper up, or Rep
3rd Cornet

Practice nights Tuesday and Friday 7:30 to 9:30

See our website http://www.oughtibridgebb.freeserve.co.uk/ for more information

If you think you could help us then Email Hilary@Mateer.co.uk
or phone our Band Manager John Linton on 0114 2665693


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Vacancies at Oughtibridge Band (Sheffield)

We currently have vacancies for front row cornets, tenor horn, tenor trombone and Eb bass. 3rd section friendly band which is going places under our new conductor!
Hi Ian
Welcome to theMouthPiece and I hope you find some players soon. :D
Have you filled the euph and bari positions :?:

About time someone updated the website though.
It still looks as it did when I left it. :evil:

I think the guest book has expired as well :cry:


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hiya ian,
Done occasional bits with these guys, always friendly and welcoming, If your a Sheffield type person, this should be the band for you!!!

And i'm there tonight wagging, so i'll see you all there, Full Band eh??
Apologies - there is a new item on the news page. Interesting to read about Ivor

Date last amended hasn't been altered on main page though.

I'm quite missing the band and the pub quiz after practice so might pop down to a rehearsal soon.


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Vacancies at Oughtibridge Band (Sheffield)

ukdrummerboy said:

Thanks for letting Stocksbridge borrow your bandroom this thursday, i'll be down on friday to bring you the keys back!!!

No Problems Gavin - pleased to help.. If you fancy leaving a bass mute around for me to look at Friday I'd appreciate it....
Doh! i keep forgetting (see, we percussionists dont have a great memory...especially when it come to brass related things!) i'll get hold of one for you at some point when we arnt using them!


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Oughtibridge band (Sheffield) needs MD and players

We are going through a bit of a tough patch and need a new conductor and several new players - solo/tutti cornets, solo euph, 1st tromb., solo horn, Eb bass, tuned percussion..... ring Norman, 0114 2205167.[/b]
hey ian, have u been able 2 find a new md yet?, with so many people looking 2 conduct bands these days i would have thought u would have had at least some interest, i would have been but i would prolly get a tellin off from my band who i play trombone with and your a bit 2 far away as i dont own my own transport, do u have any players from the west part of yorkshire?


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We have one or two applications for conductor which we are considering - just a case now of finding the one which is most compatible with the band I think. We don't have any regular players from West York yet, I think most can find bands locally to suit their needs. However, if anyone wants to come along they would be most welcome - it seems that, in this area, there are more bands than players...
A great bunch!

Hey Ian, long time no see. Sad to see O'bridge going through this patch. You lot were always a great bunch to be around, shame i had no option but to leave. Anyone coming along will no doubt feel very welcome within 5 mins of stepping in the bandroom (nudge-nudge hint-hint - get yourself down there if you aint got a band!). As you aren't looking for a soprano player, it'll still be a while before i drop down again to play (unless Jack goes on holiday!).


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Thanks James but who said we aren't looking for a sop - in fact that is one of the positions we are most anxious to fill on a permanent basis along with a couple of tutti cornets, solo euph and 2nd Eb bass.
Oughtibridge Band requires players

Oughtibridge Brass Band would like to welcome the following players:

Soprano Cornet
Front Row Cornets
Principal Trombone
and an additional Percussionist

Oughtibridge are a friendly 3rd Section band located just out of Sheffield, easy to reach by bus and car (ideal for current students or potential students coming to Sheffield! Lifts could be arranged). Rehearsals are Tuesday and Thursday nights, 7.30-9.30, good pub with in walking distance, which puts on a quiz on Tuesday nights!

Anyone wanting any more information visit the website www.oughtibridgebrassband.co.uk, or pm me for more details.


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I wish all the best for oughtibridge for the future, they are a friendly band,quiz night was very funny!!! and i miss you all so much!!! Hope everyone is well!!!!

Best wishes

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