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Hope this hasn't been done before. Apologies to all if it has.

Just wondered what other types of music people are into? I am into all sorts. I love rock music, I love jazz/funk, northern soul etc.etc. Favourite band is a band called Rush (OK, most of you will never have heard of them). For all the percussionists on the forum, drummer is called Neil Peart and is about as close to God as it's possible to get in my opinion. I'm also still trying to figure out how he gets into his kit!!!!! Is he lifted in, does he crawl in?? Is it on some sort of clamshell that shuts round him???

Anyway, enough randomness.



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I listen to a lot of orchestral music, particularly late 19th century & 20th century pieces. Some choral and jazz (mainly pre 1940's), plus film & show music, especially original cast recordings. Also cabaret songs, with Uta Lemper and Michael Feinstein being favourites of mine.


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Hi Bagpuss

I love synths and always find myself listening to Ambient music, Synths, New age, and electronica. I love listening to many radion stations on the net especially Radio Ambient.

I also love the Progressive Rock sound such as lots of Genesis stuff, Witsend, Floyd, Marillion, ELO... other stuff such as Tears for fears, Talk Talk, Manfred Manns Earth Band, Men at Work. I also like Yes - great 70's rock sound with one of the best albums ever made... 'Close to the Edge'... what an LP.

Oh... and by the way... I remember Rush... :wink:

Big Twigge

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I'm a bit of an everything goes kind of girl...I'll generally listen to (and not complain too much) about most music.
Although I'm not a fan of hard core dance, folk or some types of Jazz, but I do like a nice bit of Opera-particularly male voices, 3tenors, Pavarotti and the likes.

Easy listening rules(or that suicidal depressing music, I like that lots too)....nice

Going to go and root out my slippers and a nice cardigan

Naomi McFadyen

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Anything and everything; don't complain too much...

I just don't like cheesey country and western...

and some rap...

Oh yea this artifical pop is getting on my verse now...

As well as writting brass music I also write (or have written) orchestral, solo piano, random ensembles, worship music, dance, trance, "pop", ballads... etc... my dance/electronic stuff will be released on my website later on in the year, so watch out for that.


Roger Thorne

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This week I'ave mostly been listening to Brass Bands!


James McFadyen

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I love romantic orchestral music, none of that extreme 20th century crap that a 2yo can write - Vince Mendoza is a fab Orchestral composer, real jazz sounds from an orchestra!

I love ambient music and write quite a lot of it! I like techno and dance and Drum and Bass.

Jazz is way cool!

Avant Garde is so not cool! It's just pretentious!

good Brass Band music, although I hate traditional sounding pieces way too boring for me!


Okiedokie of Oz

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I find my taste, is like my maturity. Sometimes it's so obvious it hits you in the face, other times you wish you could chain me up and take over my band.

I used to do a lot of Soul, R' n 'B and Jazz when I was at school. Don't play too much of any one style these days, but I love a good steady rock riff, with a good bass.

Otherwise, I'm fairly tolerant of anything pre-21st century. this new stuff is mert


My CD collection is extremly random! Bands that I listen to most include, Blur, Supergrass, Super Furry Animals, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Muse, The Coral, Kings of Leon, THe White Stripes, The Strokes, Gomez, The Stone Roses etc. etc. the list goes on! I like finding obscure bands like British Sea Power and try to keep up to date with my CD buying (never going to happen I like way too much stuff!) I'm also into The Beach Boys, Simon and Garfunkel, Love, Pink Floyd and loads of other classic groups.

I love soul and motown although that doesn't feature too highly in my CD collection. I have a fair bit of jazz and love listening to Miles Davis and Dave Brubeck. Nina Simone is great too!

Classical favourites have to be Russian Nationalists mostly. Schererazade (sp?) is possibly my favourite piece of orchestral music ever, but there's plenty more I enjoy! I try to keep discovering new things so my taste is ever changing!

My CD collection has gone crazy since I started teaching music, but I still haven't caught up with everything I really want! Sometimes I'm spoilt for choice and have to make do with the radio 'cos I can't make my mind up!


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Big Twigge said:
I'm a bit of an everything goes kind of girl...

Funny, that's what we'd heard too :D

Meanwhile, back on topic, I listen to just about anything. I've usually got radio 2 on in the car. Most of my CD's, and a few old vinyls are heavy rock and metal. I had a fantastic time before christmas when I went with little brother to see Iron Maiden live at Cardiff Arena. In fact, I'm still recovering from having to pay £15 for two drinks :evil:


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I hate most modern stuff. Everything these days seems to be re-releases of inferior quality to the original. For example, Gareth Gates (Unchained Melody) & Westlife (Mandy).

Rap music... I believe the "c" is silent in that word.

Wonder if anyone can figure out my favourite group of all time?

Clue: Look left.

Dave Euph

I'm a rock guy really ... listening to music as wide-ranging from Def Leppard to Metallica, NickelBack being a favourite.

On the classical scene I like brass bands, but my favourite pieces of all time have to Prelude l'apres-midi d'un faune by Debussy (selected orchestra) and Aurora by Thomas Doss (Wind Orchestra - recent, only 2001!).


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I find myself re-discovering sounds from my youth (late 70's, early 80's). Is this a sign of a mid-life crisis approaching and I'm not even 40 yet.

At the moment I'm right into old punk like The Clash, The Pistols, Undertones etc. I've also re-discovered bands like the Jam and XTC. The internet is a wonderful thing.


To work to it has to be quite mellow and normally that girly slushy tripe that makes you morbidly depressed

But when i'm preparing for a night out it has to be Michael Jackson!


My musical taste's are completely random:- Badly Drawn Boy, Enya, k d lang, Ludiovico Einaudi, Mr Scruff, Jan Garbarek and the Hilliard Ensemble with a loads of classics mixed in!! And yes, I occassionally harp back to the 70's and before!!!!

What a better appreciation of music than to listen to it in it's many forms. Though orignal has to be better than constant reworks as has been mentioned in a previous posting.

Okiedokie of Oz

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well, since we're including folk music...

there's nothing like a a good czardas to start your day :roll:

sorry. Seriously though, some old folk dance music is kinda cool.
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