Original version of Derek Bourgeois 'Concerto Grosso'


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I believe that the above piece was originally written for the Phillip Jones Brass Ensemble. Does anyone know if a recording was made by the group of the work? If so, does anyone have it.

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P.s anybody seen YBS play this on the Euro DVD? Worth buying it to see the final moments where Dr King and the tuba scream with joy!
You are right John, following taken from some programme notes -

"Concerto Grosso was written by the composer as far back as 1979, and was originally not a full brass band arrangement. The initial piece was in fact written for the Philip Jones Brass Ensemble, a ten piece made up of four trumpets. 1 French Horn, 4 trombones and a tuba and was written expesially for Philip Jones' farewell concert."

Cant find recording though, sorry
Concerto Grosso

I don't think it was recorded commercially although I taped it from a Radio 3 broadcast.
If I ever find it again, I can do a copy for you.
However, I haven't a clue where it is right now!

Imagine it scored for 10 players! The amazing John Fletcher on tuba!


Re: Concerto Grosso

carlwoodman said:
Imagine it scored for 10 players! The amazing John Fletcher on tuba!

Changing the subject ever so slightly, but along the line of mentally difficult pieces - imagine how hard Heaton's Toccata (Oh, the blessed Lord) was/is in it's original brass sextet version!

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