Opinions on 'Suite: The Seasons'


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We've recently started to play the Fourth section test piece for Pontins by Philip Wilby. Has anybody else any opinions on it? Personally, on an extremely short knowledge of it, it sounds fairly fun but I don't think it will be as good as Lydian Pictures.


I played the Seasons in 2000 with the Wetherby Silver Band when it was the test piece for the National Finals at the RAH. There isn't that much to say about it really, apart from that its a cracking little fourth section test piece. Theres a lot to go at in it, and requires a lot of the basic things to be played correctly for it to sound good. The first movement, although quite modern in style is gorgeous, and when played well, definitely makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. Horn players beware the second movement, a bit of a cheesy waltz but with fairly interesting band parts. The March is superb, but a hell of a blow after playing a test piece that is quite demanding on the chops.
I think you will find in time that you'll enjoy the Seasons a lot more than Lydian Pictures, but that's only opinion. There is so much to go at Wilbys piece, but having played both, I think you'll find many similarities bewtween the two.



I played it 2001 at the national brass band championships in Switzerland (3rd section). I think its a nice piece for 3./4 section, with a nice melody...
If you play it well, it sounds good!!


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The Seasons is a work of great musical integrity, like all of Phil Wilby's output for bands. We rehearsed it with the composer at the proof reading stage (not all our findings made it into the published edition!) and have recorded it on our Made in Harrogate CD. There are so many musical tests which will challenge bands and conductors.

Anyone interested in hearing our CD can order it from www.harrogateband.org


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