Open meeting at the YHBBA


Hi All,

This is an open invitation for you all to rush to Walton Village Hall, Nr Wetherby on Sat. 26th November for 2pm. What for? i bet your are all really interested to find out.

The Yorks & Humberside BBA are really interested to find out what YOU want the association to do for the banding movement. Associations are in decline, there is no denying that. Do you want to halt this decline or are you happy that they disappear? Without `new blood', organisations like this will simply fade away - is that what you want?

An oft asked question is what do we (the yhbba) do for member bands? Hardraw Scar, Kiveton park, & Easingwold contests, Minsthorpe Brass band workshop, are all run by the Association.

What do member bands and their members do for the association? 4 or 5 bands are represented and have been fo many years by the same delegate and invariably these delegates are association officials as well. Where are the reps from other bands? you tell me because i don't know, perhaps they don't know that there band is a member?

So, please come along, be you young or old and have your say. We want to know what you think so that we can decide the way forward for the association.



Hi All

Back in harness again after a short break. Just thought i'd mention that you can let us have idea's, comments etc wihout going to the meeting, just post them here and i will take them all along for discussion.

When asked a question recently by a bandsman, "what does the association do for bands" I replied rather tongue in cheek, "what do you and your band do for the association/s"? I then went on to tell him what the YHBBA does with its limted personnel and budget.

Just got back from a great day at the Minsthorpe Brass & Perc workshop. Great organisation by Peggy, great tutors from Grimethorpe and the whole day ably `captained' by brian Grant.
Due to lack of sponsorship, this event will cost the Association a load of money this year, already looking for funds for next year. Isn't this just the sort of thing that the Association/s should be doing - providing opportunities for players and bands to improve. Or have we got it wrong? Please let us know.



Have just looked at your association website. Don't think you get much wrong but there is always room for improvement and like you say new blood could bring new ideas and improvements.
Suspect many other associations will be in same boat at YHBBA - same faces turning up to the meetings each month - same faces getting older and the same question asked on a regular basis "How can this carry on" ?
Come on everybody - let's offer a bit of support or like Peter G says - organisations like YHBBA will simply fade away - we don't want that do we ?


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I would agree with Blossom, except the news page's last item is 2010, surely there must be something to add in the last 12 months. . And the dates of next years contests could be on the diary page, but other than that to me it's a good solid site, easy to navigate and gives you all the info you need. . .

I'm as bad as the next man, I've pencilled myself in to put in an appearance although I have meant to go to meetings in the past and simply not been able to fit them around playing etc on a Saturday afternoon . .. and I've been giving some thought to the various ways forward. I think I've at least got one or two ideas that can be mulled over. . .

Peter - I'm sure all associations could use more funds, see you Saturday, I've a cracker of an idea for you ;)


Pleased to see you are coming to our meeting on Saturday Garry. Look forward to seeing you and hopefully a few more band representatives with their ideas to help ensure the future of the association and what it can/could offer and also, in return, what you or your band could offer to the association. The more the merrier and I think there are tea and bikkies to help us along.

See you Saturday.

Peggy Tomlinson
YHBBA President.


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