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Hi Everyone,

I had initially set up all the forums on except "Random Chat" to accept new posts only from registered users. Following some recent advice regarding message board spammers and porn submitting sites (i.e. those who push their material onto message boards) :shock: , I will be changing this so that in order to post a new topic, or to reply to an existing topic, in any forum, you will need to register with beforehand.

I liked the idea of allowing anyone to post in "Random Chat", I felt that this might have actually encouraged those who were not registered with us to actually register - after seeing some of the replies to their anomymous post. So, I apologise to anyone wanting to post to but not wanting to register - for having to enforce this ruling. I simply don't want to be the receipient of innapropriate material from these auto spammers... :D

I hope you all understand... thanks. :D


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Fair enough, Boss! :D If we had a "thumbs up" emoticon, I'd use it here. :p

Out of interest, is the whole board "public view"?


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OK, here's some smilies that I've got special dispensation for you to use:






I got these from my fave forum dotdragnet:

Lots of good internet associated advise and it's a friendly crowd too, but slightly more adult oriented than this one (might be some swearing :shock:!). If you join, tell 'em I sent ya!

You can use these if you like John.
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