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I'm a member of a US Brass Band and have been tasked by the band manager with getting some new music ordered. As yoiu well might imagine, it's not a simple matter to obtain BB music long-distance.

I've ordered music both through and before and had very good experiences. However, Castle doesn't seem to want to answer any email, and other than sending me an automated order acknowledgement, Grimethorpe does not answer email enquiries.

Have both of these entities gone defunct? Or are they simply on a very long holiday?

We'd be grateful for suggestions for other online BB music sources. Since we're relatively new, we're mostly ordering standard material (test pieces and such).

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There was a thread around some months ago advising people not to use . Apparently, it had nothing to do with the band either.

Our site contains a selection of Salvation Army music.
Also on the site are all the titles from Kenneth Downies Kantaramusik and from Kirklees Heaton Collection.
Just Music in Scotland have just produced a massive 2004 catalogue and provide a very efficient service.

James McFadyen

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If you're looking for new music visit us at

Our service is quick and we're open all year 'round - no holidays for us! :wink:

Drop me a pm if your interested, but please feel free to browse our site and see if anything takes your fancy.

We value customer service as the TOP priority at Devilish Publishing and very soon we are introducing new customers with a buy one get one free offer! I would, perhaps, be willing to introduce this offer to you only now since you have been 'mucked around' by other publishers!

I look forward to your reply.


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Thank you!

Thanks to all who provided asssistance both publicly and privately. I believe I now have a few good resources. I will most certainly add your suggestions to my online bookmark list. As our band builds its library, I'm sure that we will be doing business with some of you.

Our director feigns total ignorance of matters computer-related. However, I'm beginning to suspect that this is merely a ruse, when I consider how much simpler his life is! :roll:

Best regards,
I am pleased to say that you are now able to order Crabtree Music titles online at

Incorporating the Lewis Music Press Series, Crabtree represents the work of Andy Duncan, Mark Freeh, David Stowell, Brian Bowen including "Ol' Man River" (arr. Freeh), "The Gael" (arr. Duncan) and many, many more. Please feel free to have a look around the publications part of our website and contact us with any queries.

Here at Crabtree all our publications are printed to order on the highest quality 100gsm paper using our A3 1200dpi laser printer. This ensures that nothing is ever out of stock. We do also represent other Brass Band publishers that are available online.

Finally, if there are any other arrangements or compositions by any of our writers you would like to obtain but that are not listed please do not hesitate to contact us and I will endeavour to bring these to you in a fully engraved, legal fashion.

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I work with the guy who runs Castle Music.
Will ask him at the next in-service day we have if the company is still going.

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