On track again.... Tuba practise?


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After almost 17 years I have now taken up playing again.

I have bought a used, but nice Eb tuba, and have started to practise. Something I suspect my neighbours do not appreciate as much as I do. :D

I will, hopefully, join the local band, and also play together with some friends in a brass quintett.

First, does anyone think it' s possible for me to learn to play decent again?
And what should I practice? Do you recommend any books/ exercises?

Any help/ tips will be highly appreciated.



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Hello Jan - good to have you on board.

I am sure you won't have too many problems picking things up again, even after such a long time. Some of the other tuba players will probably chip in with advice, but you may find this recent thread helpful:


For myself, I find a combination of long notes and any melodic material tends to do the trick.

Best of luck with the practice :!:


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Short report


This is big fun! I have been practising for a week now, and I seem to remember quite a lot. Even after all these years.

Why didn't I do this many years ago....

Arban - Complete Method, is that something I should own? Or is it far above my level?


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Re: Short report

jaberger said:
Arban - Complete Method, is that something I should own? Or is it far above my level?

Arban is OK But there is lots in it you will Proberbly never use , I Use the " Wright and Round Complete Method " it is smaller and not so expensive as Arban and you are more likly to use more from it than you would the Arban .
It Worked for me !!! :D


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At the risk of re-opening a can of worms, I too would recommend Wright and Round. Its a good little book.

I do use Arban too though. Both Arban and Wright and Round are excellent for players of any standard.

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