Olympics. How much are we watching?


pug_101 said:
Deave...you'll be happy now that the women's Shot put is on! Your kind of birds! :lol:

Yes, i agree! I'm sure you admire the technique of the javeline throwers though?? You'd be good at that.

p.s. You got xbox live at home yet ??
p.p.s. How is rosie ?


Nope, no broadband yet! :(
Will be adding you and beating ya on the old Rainbow 6 in no time!!!
havent seen the javelin yet! Will be watching and noting technique! :wink:


I've watched bits and pieces of the Olympics but my hubbie Postie has been watching quite a lot - it ended up me having to cook dinner and wash up afterwards tonight!!! :roll:

However I told him that he has to cook and wash for up for the rest of the week......he he :D

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