Old returning cornet now trumpet player

Colin Burridge

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Good morning all, I used to be principal cornet with the long defunct Northampton town band having started playing at seven years old with the Salvation Army, Ihadnt played for some forty years, but returned last year at the age of 74! Now playing with the Roade Community Orchestra and thoroughly enjoying it! Just shows your never too old!.

Colin Burridge

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I also returned after a 40 odd year lay off. Welcome and I hope you enjoy playing again!
Thanks Ron, I am thoroughly enjoying my playing, it’s taken a bit of getting used to Orchestra playing and different styles of music, but very enjoyable! Carry on blowing!


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Your story is surprisingly common. I started playing at about 10 with the Salvation Army, first cornet then onto flugelhorn, until I was about 16 when circumstances decided I had to stop (long story and nothing related to playing)

Spool on 30 years and my son decided he wanted to play an instrument. I used to enjoy teaching the beginners to play when I was younger so thought I would teach him to play cornet. I failed miserably (can't understand what he was doing as regardless of what valves he was operating, he got the same note!) so he joined a learners band. When they were short, I offered to fill in, before being persuaded to join the main band. Ironically, within a few weeks of my signing up to play, my son decided he'd had enough and packed it up.

I'm hoping that like many others, he will one day return. I was quite amazed that most of the adults I have spoken to that play have had a fairly long break at some point and returned.