Old press cutting

Dave K

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I'm trying to establish where this cutting was originally published.
It only has the top of the page and on the left is 'page 4' and
on the right it has 'NOW, September 1970'. Any help would be
really appreciated.

James Yelland

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Hmm. I remember a magazine called NOW! in the UK but that wasn't published until the 1980s, and in any case, this is clearly a newspaper. The fact that it does not bear a date, only a month suggests a monthly publication, which would be unusual for a national newspaper (due to the short shelf life of news). I'd be tempted to suggest that NOW is an abbreviation for News of the World but for the fact that it was a weekly publication. The Dottie cartoon would have been syndicated so no clue there. My best guess is that this is some sort of regional newspaper, probably published in or around London. Do you have any other pages to show us? Is there anything on the other side of this one which might reveal some more clues? Otherwise, your best bet might be the British Library's newspaper archive.

Dave K

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Thanks for the input. It is a poor photocopy so there is nothing on the back.
As the whole article is about the the Co-Op Walthamstow Silver Band, I thought that it was possibly a Co-Op internal paper hence the monthly publication. But it could be a pull out from something else.

2nd tenor

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It seems to me that the publication was in A4 format or something very near to that, that’s unusual for a paper and maybe indicates a small publisher with small sized printing presses. Monthly indicates a small circulation and I’d suspect restricted to one ‘local’ area or one interest. The Co-op might have sponsored the Walthamstow Silver Band and hence the mention. Walthamstow Silver Band no longer exists but its successor organisation appears to be East London Brass and they are based in Walthamstow.

I suggest contacting both ELB’s Secretary and Conductor with a copy of the article and asking if they know anything about it. They might also know ex-members of the Band who would potentially have some helpful ideas.

The Waltham Forest Echo is a free local paper published monthly. Perhaps it had a predecessor paper, News of Waltham?

Good luck.
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2nd tenor

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I can see why someone might think tabloid. I suggest A4 format because it’s a photocopy of the article, the article appears to cover all four corners of the page and larger than A4 photocopy is relatively uncommon. Printing double sided at circa A3 size (and then folding) would give A4 pages.

Whatever, I think we’ve suggested some likely sizes and don’t need to worry further.

Dave K

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Thanks you all for your interest and suggestions but I have now found the publication.
It was a London Co-Op Employees Newspaper called NOW and the article was printed in their issue 39 September 1970
which was their Golden Festival celebrating 1920 to 1970. The Co-Op archives were kind enough to send me a scanned
copy of the article and also a scanned copy of the front page. Very important for me as the band is where my wife and I
met and the young girl at the bottom of the page playing cornet is my wife at 15 or 16.


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