oh dearie me...


You could always try a couple drops of lavender oil on your pillow. That normally does the trick.

You just have to hope that if you do drop off that you don't start having nightmares about Old Grannies with purple rinses!! :shock:


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forget that pansy lavender oil... use chloroform instead - guaranteed to knock you out :twisted:


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hmm... will i be awake the next day though? i have my GCSE's in 2 weeks, i really need to be awake for them


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wont that have the opposite effect?
you jus really wanna hit someone dont ya naomi!? :p

cant u pick on someone in ur own band?

Naomi McFadyen

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Opposite effect???
Surely the shock will wake ya up?!?!?!

Do I wanna HIT someone???
Errrmmm... maybe... but I have my kit to knock the *beep* out of it... like I did yesterday in concert in Hanley...

Can I pick on someone in my own band?
MMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... not really!!!



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Keppler said:
forget that pansy lavender oil...

Pansies and lavender are totally different plants/flowers, Kepps. :wink:

Lavender oil on a tissue inside your pillowcase is a good one. Works for me when I have a headache. But the counting backwards helps too.

Also - have you tried listening to books on tape? (Tried everying, me). Only thing is it takes ages to find the place you were the night before when you fell asleep!


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Make your computer screen really bright, smoke 20 fags and drink loadsa red wine. You will be out like a light after a few bottles. Good luck in the morning though :wink:


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