Official "Whit Friday" Thread....including results!


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BIG Paul said:
only know deportment prize at denton cricket club was won by DENTON BRASS!!!!!
i think the other results were

3)crewe coop

best 4th section st johns mossley

Is that correct? I didn't think we were much cop at Denton at all! :S


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Darth_Tuba said:
Is that correct? I didn't think we were much cop at Denton at all! :S

Yep they're correct - some of my band were there at the results and i've been told that Leyland won :clap:
thats cool guys keep em comin

altho?!, there must be some errors here


i thought we played ok actually, did every1 enjoy themselves yesterday?
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Yeh really enjoyed myself! We had a little detour, missed one turning and ended up in Huddersfield! oops!! Still managed to do 10, pretty good! Glad the weather stayed fine!

Just Crazy

we had a slight problem with our coach but got there i the end!

Manage to fit in 5 which is not too bad.

Did see the TMP band but was a bit bothered about my playing, so i didnt have chance to speak to anyone.

Hope you had a good night.I do wish i had played with you lot.
we did 8 in the end

could have pushed for 10 if we had set off a little earlier perhaps but i think we were glad to get them out of the way in the end

an enjoyable w.f. non the less and pretty good weather for most of it i think, certainly stayed dry everywhere we went :)


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we asked the stewards how many bands were queueing at each place we passed... if it was 3 maybe 4 or less.. we did it. simple.


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talking about something fishy

Did anyone hear the rmour that DYKE requested (and were allowed) to go on first whereever they turned up?


We did 13 contests and there were certainly no special favours.
We had a great route - we had done 7 contests by 6.30! WE then got trapped in the queue at Broadoak so waited about an hour then got motoring again.

Some of the tameside contests were very quiet & had it not been for Broadoak we could have done a hell of a lot more......


youngman said:
What about the fire Dukinfield ?
The barby gas bottle went up in flames as we were due to play !

They were telling us about that. We arrived just after it had happened.
I think they must have been trying to beat last years 'smokiest barbeque ever' award!!!


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Ransomes did 11. Again, there were no special favours. It was plain sailing all the way round, apart from a small hold up at Upper Mossley and a slightly bigger hold up at the end of the night at Broadoak.

If the 4barsrest result for Delph is right (ie a record 75 bands out) then it's no wonder that bands struggled to get more done in Saddleworth.


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We managed 8. Really slow going. I doubt very much there was any dodgy behaviour going on... you just get luckier some years than others. Last year we sailed round, and if it hadn't been for a detour to Dob X (2 hours) We probably could have done at least 14. Just down to luck.


Latest off 4BarsRest:


Dukinfield, 45 , Dave Chapman

1 Fodens
2 Leyland
3 Lindley
Best local:1st Ashton, 2nd BT, 3rd Mossley
Second section: 1stBlackpool Brass
Third Section: Middleton
4th Section: St Johns Mossley
Youth: 1st South East Cheshire, 2nd Wirral
Cornet: Ashton, Soprano: Wingates, Trombone: Fodens

Droylsden – 30 Record, Simon Cowan

2 Ransomes
3 BT
4 Innovative Skelmanthorpe
5 United-Co op Crewe

Upper Mossley, 46, Mark Tweedle

1 Fodens
2 Black Dyke
3 Pennine Brass
Best Youth: Mossley Hollins


Delph – 75 (Record) Keith Hollinshead

1 Fodens
2 Hepworth
3 Black Dyke
4 Marden
Local: 1st Dobcross
Saddleworth: Delph
Youth: Sellers International
Cornet: Marsden. Soprano: Black Dyke, Euphonium: Hepworth, Bass Section: Hepworth


58 Bands

Adjudicator Stephen Tighe

1. Black Dyke
2. Brighouse
3. Hepworth
4. YBS
5. Staffordshire
6. Dobcross

1st Section

1. Utd Coop Milnrow
2. Marsden

2nd Section

1. Meltham & Meltham Mills
2. Silk Brass

3rd Section

1. Rainford Silver
2. Potters Bar

4th Section

1. Uppermill
2. Royston

Saddleworth: 1. Dobcross 2. Diggle

Local: Holme Silver

Youth: 1. Rochdale Borough Youth (1st band on), 2. Shaw Youth

Senior Deprtment: Dunganon

Youth deportment

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