Official tMP Whit Friday 2004 Report


The report is really good - very impressive. The big photo at Denshaw is very good - shows what a big band we had that day.


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Dave Euph said:
Uh-oh ... that really was a bad pic. :D
Well at least she didn't say that you were chasing the camera around... (and I really hate my picture being taken because it looks nothing like me :oops: ).

But apart from that small minor insignificant detail - well done Rachel.

What a beautifully proof read report too, though I say so myself


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ScrapingtheBottom said:
neiltwist said:
and oh great, guess who's out of step...

I think there is a photo of everyone of us out of step at least once!

Nothing yet to show how far ahead the trombones were from the rest of the band :shock: :oops: :wink:


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Damn! I really wanted to go, but couldn't due to other commitments, after reading the report I really wished I'd gone :cry: Still, maybe next year......

stupid "other commitments".......


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PeterBale said:
Nothing yet to show how far ahead the trombones were from the rest of the band :shock: :oops: :wink:

Check this one out peter

<img src="">

Not only am I out of step but we are all at least 2-3 metres ahead of the rest of the band.


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bugger it didn't work try again!



Yes, really good Rachel.

(I think there's another few photos coming your way too from this part of the world...)

Good record of the day!



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id just like to take the time off to be a boc and say that you couldnt have seen boc brass at uppermill because we didnt go there ;)


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