Official tMP North West Regional 2007 thread

Hells Bones

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I hear that the 4br predictions are usually unreliable, We are predicted 2nd in the second section (and we would like almost nothing better) but we are'nt using that as a definite, we know we need to play very well to get anywhere near that spot. Any one having fun with Carnival?



and lets hope for less snow! :wink:
i heard from somewhere that snow is predicted for this weekend - i hope not cos i nearly went flat on my backside getting off the coach last year! hope its sunny so i can get team horn 2 go paddling in the sea!!

4br have us as dark horses - kiss of death mwhahaha! heres hoping for an early draw so that members of our b band won't rub it in our faces that we can't av a drink till after wev played!! and hopefully the queues at the bar will go down slightly faster than at yorkshire wher i spent a good half an hour with a group from sellers waitin 2 b served :mad:


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i heard from somewhere that snow is predicted for this weekend
Sure that isn't another 4br dodgy prediction?

From, Blackpool, Sunday day...
Windy with sunny periods. Winds from the SSW at 43 km/h.
Realfeel®: 5 °C

Andy Cooper

We are quite happy 4BR have not tipped us - they had us as dark horses at Pontins and that was the kiss of death!!!

good luck to all.


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Heavy rain for sunday according to the BBC...i must say i'm shocked! :biggrin:

Good luck to everyone this weekend


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Good luck to all the bands playing this weekend.

Used to play with the Haydock band but they don't seem to be competing this year at all. Hopefully they will be back as they were a great band to play for.

To the gentleman who predicted snow, it snowed last year so anything is possible.
well after travelling over to Yorkshire last wkend I came away feeling disappointed with the standard of the top section - I don't think any of the bands actually played the damn piece. and before everyone starts having a go, I'm not saying the bands where c**p just that there was a lot of slips and not enough music in it all - basically I think they all underestimated it. anyway to get to my point, if the top top bands at Yorkshire have undersestimated the music then theres a damn good chance the top top bands at the north west will make the same mistake, and if so there is hope for all us lesser mortals in the championship section. I definately have a feeling that the results will suprise a few people :rolleyes:

Just wanna say, Good Luck to Jo, Sanders, Simon, Chappers, Amy, Ace (at 196), Jenny (at beginning), Rhiannon (on that C and at 118, Nic after 100, Team Horn at 130 and last but by know means least Dave "smelly a**e" Marsh at the very beginning!! Oh and good luck to Mark (TBA) Peacock (keep that beat goin!). I hope I got everybody there!!!!

as regards to the snow on sunday - i think we may get away with that one altho ANYTHING can happen!!!

anyway good luck to all the bands competeing - especially Pemberton Old Wigan JJB "B" Band (Go Mum!!!!), and Golborne (sock it to em Martin!!!)


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Very best of luck to Wire Brass, from hearing the band recently I am sure their performance will be of real quality. the top section should be really good to listen to - what a great piece. I am really looking forward to tommorrow now and hope to catch up with lots of people :biggrin:


Good luck to everyone today in Blackpool, we still miss coming to this contest after all these years.

Have a few beers for us.

Darrol & Rach


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Forecast for Blackpool now says rain all afternoon! :(

Still, at least no snow. Good luck everyone!


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Section 3 on its way (Split Draw)

Section 3

Pavilion Theatre
Adjudicator: Ian Brownbill
Draw: 9.00am & 11.15am
Commences: 10.00am


BMP Europe Goodshaw, D. Ashworth, 2
City of Chester, P. Mottershead, 4
Dobcross Youth 2003, T. Griffiths, 7
Douglas Town, G. Higginbottom, 10
Eagley, G. Westwood, 3
Eccleston Brass, I. Bateson
Flixton, K. Gibbs
Friezland, L. Tingay, 5
Hawk Green (Marple), P. Pavey, 8
Hazel Grove, N. Bowden
Middleton, C. Whiteoak, 6
Morecambe, C. Larder, 1
Oldham (Lees), J. Collins, 9
Pemberton Old Wigan JJB ‘B’, P. Ashley
Pilling Jubilee Silver, B. Porter
Rivington & Adlington, D. Mort
Skelmersdale Prize, A. Booth
Valley Brass (Haydock), D. Chadwick
Whitworth Vale & Healey, J. Binns

3 bands qualify.

Courtesy of 4barsrest


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Section 4 on its way (Split Draw)

Section 4

Spanish Hall
Adjudicator: John Maines
Draw: 10.00am & 12.45pm
Commences: 11.00am


Barnton Silver, S. Yates, 5
Besses Boys, J. Holt, 4
Blackley, A. Smith
Brindle, K. Richmond, 8
Carrbrook Brass, L. Dunkley, 7
Coppull & Standish, H. Bentham
Eaton Farnworth & Walkden, P. Ashley
Eccles Borough, L. Webb
Formby, L. Hough, 1
Golborne, E. Hill, 3
Greenfield, D. Chapman, 9
Hesketh Bank Silver, G. Clough, w
Littleborough Public, M. Bailey
Lostock Hall Memorial, I. McKnight, 6
Nelson Brass, J. Roberts
Parr (Richardson Ltd.), J. Smith, 2
Ramsey Town, R. Quane, 10
Rode Hall Silver, S. Thompson
Tarleton & District Brass, G. Bould
Uppermill, A. Widdop

3 bands qualify.

Courtesy of 4barsrest