October Caption Competition

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No prizes (!) - this is strictly for fun! Post a caption for the following photo. Winner to be announced at the end of the month.

And please remember to keep 'em clean! 8)



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Here's one or two....

"Come on then, if you think you're hard enough"

All of a sudden, Tiddles had the feeling he was being watched.

Lone Feline Suicide Bomber Loses Face By Wetting Himself In Fright At The Last Moment

" I can't tell which one it was that bit me m'lud , they all look the same to me"

Latest Alternative to Fox-Hunting Condemned as "Too Cruel"

"And this, gentlemen, is the rare one-eyed cat-burglar"

Many more too rude to post!

Big Twigge

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When Tracey was sent a mystery card on valentines day, she took the risk and turned up outside the "Pack of hounds" which she innocently assumed was a pub....
"Now there's one wet pussy"

Before you all start, it is perfectly clean and adheres to a family site. If you look you will see one pussy cat in a puddle! :)



"Hands up who's getting home for dinner - NOT so fast Tiddles"

"Put your tail up and move directly forward.. DO NOT LOOK BACK"

"Tiddles used her cunninging diversary tactic of 'Looking The Other Way'"



One dog to \nother:
" I know the Police Force are looking for greater ethnic diversity, but this is ridiculous!"
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