NYBBS 1990 - 1996


Any ex-NYBBS out there??

I was bumper up trom to Mark Boyd for several years under the baton of Richard Evans, anyone else of that era out there??

I know of at least 2!! Lauradoll and PC


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Mark Boyd - AKA Germoline man!!!!!!

:p :p :p

Hey Suzzy babe!!!

....and I couldn't have asked for a better bumper up next to me - what would I have done without you, letting me take all those breaks from playing (video as proof.....did I give you that back by the way????)

AND.....I needed someone who was able to "do it several times a minute!!!!" (Quote of my NYBBS career!!!)

Bart, if you read this....you were my favourite ginger bumper up player, just incase you're feeling left oot! :bounce

Looking forward to seeing you in Glasgow for the Scottish Open Suz, Trader Joes.....vodka...12 hour sessions (drinking that is!!).....ahhh, those were the days!

Take care Helga,

ps - You should have smeared some vaseline on so as when the guy went up the back of you it didn't chaffe so much!!!! :twisted:


McBoyd, that is a terrible thing to write, you horrible person!!!!

For info, the p.s comment refers to me having an accident in my car this week!! Someone drove into the back of me at a juntion!

Looking forward to seeing you in Scotland my friend, just keep me off the vodka and the Glasgow underground!! If you do that I will make sure you don't sit on your trombone again!!!!!

Hee Hee

Helga X x X


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...is that what the Welsh call them....up here, we call them junctions!!!
:oops: :oops:

Well if you keep me from sitting on my trombone luv, I'll stop you having Vodka and spewing 18 times down my lovely brown toilet...in one night!!!

Nice speaking to you, and your drunken buddies tonight, sorry if I made you dig out your old recordings!!!!

ding ding...round 3!!

Ps....found a great picture of you playing "pass the practice card", no sign of that card tho'.......Mmmmmm :?: :!:


Ha Ha!!!!

They are called junctions down here too, just can't type!!

And what a lovely brown toilet it was too, have you heard of Flash!!

I suppose it's my turn to get you back!!

You were always the oldest competitor in the solo contests, you sad horlicks!!!!

I remember you getting a 9,8,3,7,4,3, for technical merit!!

Me and Tuba girl on the wine at the moment, lovely friday night in!!

Bartje outstaged you with his patterned blue tights though!!!

Lots of love as always

Suz the flooze, Tubagirl and Lynn (newbie) Nick, 2nd trom BTM girlfriend X X X

Tuba Girl

Nice to talk to you Mr Boyd!!! Not!!!!!!!
Hope you liked our performance of paganini belting out in the background.
We enjoyed your perfromance via phone but had to pay £1 single for the bus to reach the final pause.
Hope to meet you in Scotland for a drink and to find the goss about Suz although I have been warned about drinking vodka in trader Joes. I hear that can lead you to shop lifting packets of salt and vinegar twirls from Sparrrrrrrrrrrrr!


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suitably hungover I hope.....


Thank you for your comments ladies?!

How did fireworks night go Suz....did you manage to have it outdoors this year? I had to have mine indoors as someone had buried my trainers in some sand and I couldn't go out....never mind, was able to pretend I was really angry and upset by the whole thing, and making people really upset and feel terribly guilty...hence gaining another victory!



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Hahahaha I wans't gonna be the one mentioning the fireworks this time!!!!! No Scottish opn for me, I'm on a staff residential (ie piss up in a hotel) and canny get out of it. Have a crate of blue wkd for me though, and keep Ali away from the grass!!!!!! No Pontins repeats needed!!

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