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Just got back from the Nybb easter course, what did everyone think to it, the music and the concerts? :?: :D

Rach -Horn
I really enjoyed the course, the social side anyway!! :) I didn't like the music at all on the rep day but as we kept rehersing it, it started to grow on me, especially images and passacaglia(sp?!) It was serious music though, i don't think some of it was concert music really, it was a little to heavy. Think the publicity could have been much better as well, hardly anyone turned up, especially to the first concert! :?
Was a fantastic course though, looking forward to May 1st and summer course! :)


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Yea, I really enjoyed it!

We had such a laugh all week.
Like Kate said, the music was very serious, but after a while of playing it, it started to grow on you slowly! By the end of the week I loved Images! especially the last movement with that big cornet bit! hehe! wooow! Praise was really fun to play!! hehe! even though we just had um-chucks!

Drummerboy - Yes we did! My counting abilities have improved! :lol: :D :shock:

Vicki xx


Course was great!! Food was best yet (out of my 9 nybb courses!!)

Music was more of an orchestral programme than a band programme, which I like. Good to do something different, just needs the right audience in to listen to it.

Publicity should improve now with the new staff in place. Yeh i did suggest that in the meeting but apparently it had already been thought about which is good. I bet more people would turn up if they knew about it!!

Martin Winter was inspirational. I bought his CD, which is amazing. It finishes on a super C ( C above top C), just for the record.

Just a shame it was like going back to school... Still, thats my fault for getting older.

Website is in the pipeline by the way, look out for photos and video from the course.



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Hey all!
Had a fantastic week, i just wish that i had started it all a bit earlier as hat was my first course and summer is my last! :-(
The music was excellent and a real challange to perfrom well. It was very different from the usual, but i think that this is good, it gives you in insight to what is out there to play. :lol:
Food was also excellent and location very nice, a bit far for me to travel, but it was worth it!
Looking forward to the 1st May, and the summer course- missing everyone loads!
Kirstyn :D

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