Nxt MCR Social and TWO birthday celebrations!!!!

Party 'Chick' or Chicken?! (sorry, best I could think of)...

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Naomi McFadyen

New Member
Date: Friday 30thApril (2004) NB: Date changed!!
Time: 7.30 til late...
Starting Venue: Wetherspoons, Deansgate

This is the date planned for the next tMP Manchester Social and it's also to celebrate my 21st birthday (which is on the 29th) and also Sparkly Quavers (which is on the 28th) ...She won't tell me her age... but I'll say she'll be 30 for now :)P;-)) until I get a telling off from her... (She doesn't want to get older you see... she has already decided this :p)

So... who's gonna come this time?! :D:D:D


Staff member
Sparkly's only a youngster really... not reaching the decrepit stage just yet...

ps tick tock tick tock...


Active Member
Are you taking a first aid kit then cos I remember you having a boot off at someone because they made a comment about you not being a drinker! :shock:


Supporting Member
Naruco said:
Date: Saturday 31st April (2004)

Now - where's that date on my calender :?: :?:

Sorry, couldn't resist :wink: :wink: :wink: :shock: :shock:

Will be at the Europeans anyway. :D :D :D

Naomi McFadyen

New Member
:lol: that was my dangerous combination last year if I remember rightly... :lol: :D
I may try that again, but... may save my stomach from the torture... and my head... :lol:
i'm supprised you can remember anything that happened that night mate, maybe you should try it again this year, i'll bring my camera, that way you'll know what happend :D :twisted: :D


Active Member
I'll probably make it... although I think Flixton have a competition that weekend, so we could be having late night extra rehearsals... :?

Naomi McFadyen

New Member
Yea you guys have a contest on the Sunday... which is why I changed the date from the Saturday to the Friday so it wouldn't interfere...


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