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Top C

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Hi, I’m an experienced cornet player looking for a friendly and ambitious band in the North West. Have played front row in 2nd, 1st and Championship section and principal in 3rd and 4th section bands. Ideally looking to play rep / front row in higher section bands or principal / flugel / possibly sop in lower section bands but will consider all offers. Please PM me.


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Hi - we (Tintwistle Band) a 1st section N/W area band are on look out for a couple of front row cornet players, whay not pop downfor a blow on a Tuesday or Thursday night from 8pm. Dave (david.3801:btinternet.com)


Sent you a private message on 19.3.2007. Hope you have received it as I have not heard back from you. Private message me if you are interested?



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Hi. Where abouts in the North West are you looking? I can put you in touch with Hoover Bolton if you're interested. They moved up to the 1st section but had a disappointing result at the areas & they could really do with someone who has experience of playing at a higher level. PM me if you'd like more info.


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Already sent a PM thanks Dawn, but Mr Top C hasn't been active since his post to pick any up I don't think! :-?

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