November Caption Competition

Roger Thorne

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Here's the November Caption Competition

As usual its just for fun
so there's no prizes
Good Luck



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When my neighbours told me they would wrap the damned thing round my neck if they heard me play it once more before 8am, I thought they were joking.


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I must I must I must practice at all times if I'm gonna beat Alex Kerwin in the British Open Solo Contest next year.....................


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I must say, when my teacher told me to practice my "cycular" breathing, I didn't expect it to be this hard :? :lol: :roll:


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'One of the Dyke Bass Players takes exception to being asked not to pedal for a change'

'That guy on ebay said he'd deliver...doh!'

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The courier's decision to cut through the parade proved disasterous as he found that he must now join a brass band.
In the governments latest attempt to try and reduce congestion and pollution in city centres, Tony Blair demonstrates the advantages of the all new 'Parp 'n' Ride' scheme.


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Choosey and Fawkes introduces the all new flat - pack tuba.


This is what COULD have happened if evolution had affected snails



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Road saftey organisations have expressed the view that Honda's new satalite navigation system for motorcycles needs further development.


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Scooter boy didn't believe the man who told him he was going to wrap that trombone around his neck!!