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Basements & Badgers!

Character list.
Choose one of the following for your personal journey… each one has special strengths and weaknesses, choose carefully
Badger - All round good guy/gal and hero(ine) . Think Indiana Jones or Lara Croft
Weasel - Archetypal little bad guy/gal. Think Danny DeVito
Elf - Poncey and good. You know what elves are
Mushroom - Mysterious vegetable life-form. Chameleon tendencies, can be good or bad but is basically untrustworthy.
Snake - The Big Evil. Sauron, Voldemort type thing

Your job is to make your way from The Badger Sett, through various perils to the castle of theMusicMan, where you will find safety, T-shirts, case stickers and reasonably priced copies of Rourke's Drift. Take care to avoid angry Mods who will attempt to thwart your noble endeavours, loony bikers who will engage you in pointless conversations about cam shafts, and drunken Twigglets who will attempt to seduce you with vodka. Be careful not to end up the maze of little passages, all alike.

You can carry 4 things at once unless you find the gig bag in which case you can carry up to 7 things.

You are in warm cosy sett. It is decorated in pink chintz with nick-nacks everywhere. A bit like your Granny's house only not so tasteful. You can see a lantern, a rope, a bag of gold and a tMP key-ring with a small brass key on it.
There are 2 doors, a green one to the left and a stripped pine one to the right. Which one will you choose and what will you take with you?


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cornetgirl said:
I'm a happy little badger and I'll take all 4 items through the nice pine door please!

Rach x

You appear to have entered the broom cupboard. Go back and try again... :wink:


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I'll take the lantern and the key ring and I'm gonna go through the green door.


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(you are dead... have a nice day, press enter to start again)


I'll go through the green door and take the rope, the lantern, the gold and the keyring with key. Where do I go???

Big Twigge

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I don't really understand so I'm going to stand in the corner with my hands over my ears looking at the badger as it is friendly and thinking about lovely things

Just realised thats very similar to your post CG ...I blame the book!


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OK. I've stopped thinking Lara Croft.

I can only be a snake. A quick look around tells me that I really ought to slither back through the cat flat from whence I came...

But in the spirit of the game I'll carry my things through the green door, since CG probably doesn't care much for snakes.

How do snakes carry things? I guess I've got to eat them, so if you want to find the key, rope, lantern and bag of gold you know where to look.



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I have stopped thinking lovely thoughts and emerged from the broom cupboard. Spotting a rather comfy sofa, I think the best idea would be to sit on it, eat chips and think more lovely thoughts!

Rach x


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What a merry elf I am! I think I'll skip through the green door, with all the items (just in case).


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Being a mushroom I'm going to vegitate on the sofa and make coarse lurid remarks to CornetGirl whilst spreading my spores all over the place!


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WhatSharp? said:
Being a mushroom I'm going to vegitate on the sofa and make coarse lurid remarks to CornetGirl whilst spreading my spores all over the place!

Hey ! - watch my nick-nacks. This Comfy sett is getting rather crowded. Is anybody going to venture out to the offy and get some bevvies?


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I'll jump out the window and find some other fungi, where we'll form a ring and summon the demon fairy from the abyss!


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As I'm not allowed to join in as any of the other characters ( :cry: :cry: :cry: ) I'll play the role of the nasty Mod, and sit outside the window waiting for the mushroom-pickers :twisted:


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Having gone through the green door carrying all your bits and pieces, you are now standing in an idyllic sylvan clearing. Birds are tweeting, rabbits are lolloping, mice are scuttling. If you have something with which to kill them you may eat them if you wish; food may be hard to come by later on.
To your left there is a broad inviting green lane, to your right there is a narrow dank wet passage under the mirkwoods, and straight on there is the M6.
If you have gone out of the window, however, there is a nasty Mod waiting for you. Will you fight it, bribe it or nutmeg it and have it away on your toes up the M6?
If you have chosen to remain in the sett you are a lazy stoat. Get up and clean up those spores, at least.
Ignore the snake, it's just trying to attract attention to itself.

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