North West Regional Championships - 2010


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3rd section...

2 - Hoover (Bolton)
3 - Cheshire Constabulary
4 - Uppermill
5 - Stalybridge
6 - Greenalls
Just returned from playing 4th Section North West.
The announcer of the bands amazed me today because of all the contest I have competed in the past has always made the same statement prior to every band, just like Bradford last weekend.
Band No ???? is ready to play at your signal Mr Adjudicator.

And that was the end of it.

Today it was different.
There was a different statement made prior to every band playing their piece.
Is there a set statement to make or is it just down to the announcer to make his own statement.
Another item that appears to drag out the contest is when certain bands play they ask their soloist on every section to stand and take a bow.
Surely this is alright at a concert but surely not at a contest when all sections and players are equaly important.
It also extends trhe length of the contest which in many cases is long enough when over 20 bands are competing.
I know that in our section we had four minutes to set up and that was the limit i think, we just had to start.
Also, our principle cornet and prinicple euph stood up first but only about two seconds before the rest of the band. I think it's ok as long as no-one makes a meal of it, it's nice to acknowledge soloists as long as it's quickly i suppose, haha.

Congrats to all the winning bands today! Pretty pleased with our result, didn't qualify but an improvement from last year and band were really pleased!


Second Section:
Sunday 14th March

Opera House
Draw: 9.30am
Commence: 10.30am
Adjudicator: Roy Roe

1. Diggle (James Shepherd), 7*
2. Rainford (Neil Samuel), 6*
3. Haydock (Mark Quinn), 5
4. Morecambe (Andrew Warriner), 10
5. Haslingden & Helmshore (David Holland), 11
6. Dobcross Silver (Grenville Moore), 4
7. Eccleston Brass (Ian Bateson), 8
8. Middleton (Matt Stringer), 9
9. Flixton (Stephen Curtis), 12
10. Co-opertaive 2000 Brass (Jamie Meredith), 13
11. Besses o' th' Barn (Jonathan Lo), 1
12. Blackpool Brass (Chris Larder), 2

Not Placed: Old Hall Brass (John North), 3

*Top 2 bands quallify for Harrogate


Third Section:
Sunday 14th March

Empress Ballroom
Split Draw: 9.00am and 11.15am
Commence: 10.00am
Adjudicator: Ian Brownbill

1. Delph (Philip Goodwin), 1*
2. Hoover (Bolton) (Trevor Halliwell), 16*
3. Cheshire Constabulary (David Woollam), 10*
4. Uppermill (Alan Widdop), 14
5. Stalybridge Old (Eric Landon), 3
6. Greenall's (Karl Stott), 12
7. Eagley (Phil Denton), 11
8. Pemberton Old Wigan JJB 'B' (Peter Ashley), 6
9. Douglas Town (Gordon Higginbottom), 7
10. Skelmersdale Prize (Charles Duckinson), 8
11. Eccles Borough (Mareika Gray), 17
12. Ramsey Town (Robert Quane), 9
13. Whitworth Vale & Healey (Geoff Bradley), 2
14. Trinity Girls (Stuart Barton), 15
15. BMP Europe Goodshaw (Eddie Hill), 13
16. Formby (Louise Hough), 4
17. Lostock Hall Memorial (John Wood), 19
18. Valley Brass (Haydock) (Bob Wyatt), 5
19. Hawk Green (Marple) (NeilHewson), 18

*Top 3 bands qualify for Harrogate

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Wingates 4th
Ashton 5th
Milnrow 6th

@Tony: From memory, Hazel Grove won 4th section followed by Besses Boys and Nelson, not sure of the rest but Coppull 13th :eek:, Blackley 20th, Ellenbrook 21st I think


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1st Section

1. Freckleton (1)
2. Silk (9)
3. Bollington (11)
4. Poynton (10)
5. Manx (8 )
6. Longridge (6)

Championship Section:
Sunday 14th March

Opera House
Draw: 1.45pm
Commence: 2.45pm approx after Second Section
Adjudicator: C. Brian Buckley

1.Foden's (Garry Cutt), 9
2.Fairey (Geneva) (Philip Chalk), 8
3.Leyland (Howard Evans), 4
4.Wingates (Alan Morrison), 12
5.Ashton-Under-Lyne (Martyn Evans), 3
6.Co-operative Milnrow (John Ward), 11
7.Pemberton Old Wigan DW (Mark Bentham), 2
8.Blackburn & Darwen (Nick Sheppard), 5
9.Co-operative (Crewe) (Jef Sparkes), 6
10.(Bactiguard) Wire Brass (Paul Andrews), 1
11.Roberts Bakery (Colin Cranson), 7
12.Poulton-Le-Fylde (Gareth Westwood), 10
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Well done and a hearty CONGRATULATIONS to my former band Silk Brass on their 2nd placing in the 1st Section. It's a credit to the band considering the hard time they have gone through since the beginning of the year.