North West Region - Championship Section


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1. Leyland, Garry Cutt, 7, 197
2. Fairey FP (Music), Allan Withington, 9, 196
3. Wingates, Roy Curran, 4, 194
4. Fodens Richardson, Thomas Wyss, 11, 193
5. British Telecom, Mike Fowles, 10, 192
6. Haydock, Lynda Nicholson, 2, 190
7. Dobcross Silver, Dennis Hadfield, 3, 188
8. Besses o' th' Barn, Steve Sykes, 187
9. Freckleton, Peter Dalton, 5, 185
10. Longridge, Stephen Booth, 6, 183
11. United Co-op (Crewe), Jef Sparkes, 8, 182

Ashton Under Lyne, Graham Williams, W

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nice one leyland!

top class haydock! i listened to them and they fully deserved 6th place, (maybe higher!) Well done lynda!


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well done to leyland and faireys.. best by a way!
Leyland had an almost perfect (blemish free) performance. Though I found Faireys more exciting I'd agree with the result. Twissy, Lordy, Kingy, and Lucy were on awesome form in particular!!!


Waheeeeeyyyy! Well done Leyland, I am very proud! Although I only listened to you and Besses there is no doubt that you played absolutely fantastically and it was well deserved. Special well done to Lordy on principal and Twissy on sop...


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i played with haydock, and i heard wingates and bt!, nice one lauradoll coming 1 above me!!! ur never gonna let me live that down are ya??


Congratulations to both bands and paticularly fairies considering the switch of principal jst before the contest!!!! Must have been a bit worrying that one!

BTW do fodens qualify for the finals???


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fodens dont qualify, they came 4th and only faireys and the 1st 2 qualify, so that would be leyland and wingates that qualify


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yeah well done Ian for stepping in.
Doesn't seem such a great signing for faireys now if he's not going to be doing contests!!!
Fair play to Leyland. I heard u an i thought u were fab. Well done. Especially twissy. plz cum bac to Haydock. But i listened to a recording of our performance and i am really happy to be a member of such a great band. We were also excellent. :wink:wel dun chaps. Hard luk Fodens but i think u would all agree that it wasn't ur best performance!


Congratulations to Leyland from me too!
We had a 'great' draw...between Leyland and Faireys for our first contest in the Championship Section!!!!
We may not have got the greatest result ever but were all really pleased with how we played and got some favourable comments from some people who heard us.
What a fantastic experience and hope we can improve our placing for next year!


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All cleared up now according to 4barsrest! A clean win! Well done to Wingates and Leyland, see you in London!

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