North West Counties Brass Bands Association - Press Release

Mike Rowley

After a very disappointing AGM (only 2 bands) the NWCBBA Executive called and EGM for 11th May with only one item on the agenda ‘The NWCBBA to be dissolved’

At the EGM 11 bands were in attendance and a healthy discussion took place re the Association and other items of interest.

It became abundantly clear that no one was prepared to assist in keeping the Association as a viable concern so after a vote – 11 to 2 – the Association was sadly dissolved.

The main concern of the bands present was what will happen to local contests.

It was put to the meeting that Lancashire Contests would endeavor to continue running contests for the benefit of bands but it was stressed that without the protection of an Association contests will have to be run on commercial lines and will have to pay their way.

The Executive wish to thank you all for your support over the years and look forward to seeing you all in the future.


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