North West Areas Predictions????


Hi Heather,

He certainly does remember you and many happy concerts with Youth Town Brass and the conducting vicar!! How are you keeping? We are in Oman and Darrol is working as Composer/arranger in residence to the Royal Guard but he is still churning out his other stuff for bands so he said get buying some so we can come home to the cold and rain we can't get used to all this sun :D

We are coming home in June for Whit Friday so will probably see you there!!!



Hi Roger,

We haven't had chance yet because time is flying out here, our weekend is Thursday and Friday so before your nkow it its back to work again. We are also four hours in front of you so it is not always convenient to phone the UK when we have a spare moment. Darrol is going to contact him sometime this week. Do you know if Marc ever got his trombone concerto performed with Brett Baker? Darrol sends his best regards.


Roger Thorne

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Hi Rachael,

Yes, the first performace was at the prize giving concert last year and more recently both Marc and I attended a concert in Llangollen at which Black Dyke performed both his Trombone Concerto and my own arrangement of 'Zulu'. Quite a coincidence for both of us to have pieces on the same programme! I also believe that Dyke are producing a commercial recording of the Concerto, with Brett as soloist, later this year.
I'm sure Marc will give you all the details when you speak to him.


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