North West Areas Predictions????


hi Carina.

Say Hi to your mum and dad for me and give them a big hug and say its from Rachael, tell then it was really good to see them at Pontins and we will have to get in touch when me and Darrol come home in June. Tell your dad I said he is a legend and I hope he is feeling okay. My dad has made a comeback again - so much for retiring!!!



Heather said:
Come on then.......what are your predictions for the North West Areas at Blackpool on Sunday??
I'll post mine when I've picked my son up from school!!!
Having recently heard two bands in the Marple area I think that you are in with a good chance :lol: Thats blown it for me when I next go to see my Mother :oops:

Roger Thorne

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Heather said:
Roger, you're so kind!!!!
Hope you're right with Section 1 but there are alot of good bands in there.
Note quite as good as Crewe today though!

Congratualtions on your fantastic victory - Well Done.

Please pass on my best wishes to Jeff and the Band.



Well done Crewe

Gongrats on your win I heard you at NEMBBA and had you down to win your area all the way. Enjoy Dundee (WE will) :p When we can understand what they say :wink:

ps to Wire and Silk - See you in the second section next year 8)


~Thanks Baldeagle and Roger.
As you can imagine, we were well pleased yesterday!!!!!!
What an amazing feeling. Been 2nd before at the areas but not 1st!!!
We knew we were playing well but I think 1st section is a hard one to win...
Looking forward to our trip to Dundee!!


Satchmo Shaz....your prediction after Derby contest came true!!!
You said both ourselves and Riddings would get to the Finals and we have!!
What are your predictions for the Finals!!!...only joking!

The Judge

Well done to everyone who qualified yesterday in Blackpool. The Manx had a good day and we will be looking forward to Dundee in September. Almost makes the ferry trips worthwhile. And yes it was a bit rough. Not good combined with a hangover. 8)

Manx Concert Brass


I'd just like to say thanks to Flashbarry-thx Flash!

You weren't spot on but you were close enough.

Well done Bollington :D See you in Dundee :twisted:


Thanks Flashbarry!
Darrol will have come across us a few times when he conducted Tyldesley.
I didn't hear Tyldesley at the areas but appparently they played really well.
I was wondering whether Darrol remembers me!
I was called Heather Young at that time(many years ago!). I played for Swinton when he and Gary Lord came down and I went out with Gary (eventually getting engaged!) for many years!
I used to come down to listen to Salford Brass when Darrol was there.
Please say 'hello' to him from me. Hope you're really enjoying yourself overseas.
All the best
Heather xx