Non-contesting bands around London?


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At the risk of cross-posting, can anyone recommend to me any decent but non-contesting bands (if such things exist!) in or around London please?

I'd like to join a band, but whilst I have a fairly good idea of who's around on the contesting scene, personally I don't particularly enjoy that side of things. It's very easy to find out which contesting bands are around (from 4BR rankings etc.), however I'm having trouble finding out about many non-contesting ones, so wondered if anyone here could point me towards any I could get in touch with?

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I am not suggesting this lists all bands but alot of them contesting and none contesting by alphabetical and if you click on uk brass bands (geographical) it does them by region also. Not a perfect solution to your problem but if you do not know of the website a good start


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London's a big place, and you don't say where you are in it. You may not want to travel from e.g. Croydon to Enfield for a band!

But from Central London, you have the following options in order of distance:
All bands shown, but it's simple enough to ignore those that are marked as competing. Most of the nearest non-competing bands seem to be part of the North London Brass network.
North London Brass does have a Contest Band, but it is a band of bands selected from the 100+ players in our Network and rehearsing separately, and so if contesting doesn't appeal to you, you don't have to get involved (like most of us!) and you can just enjoy our regular banding in the following London locations:

- NLB Enfield Chase Band (Enfield EN2, Wednesday eves, occasional Mondays in Edmonton N9)
- NLB Muswell Hill Band (Muswell Hill N10 on Monday and Wednesday eves)
- NLB City of London Band (Barbican, Central London EC2 on Wednesday eves)
- NLB Putney & Wandsworth Band (Putney SW15 on Wednesday eves)

We have massed bands rehearsals in the City of London once per Quarter and our top-level Staff Band rehearsals in the City once every two months. All other bands rehearse weekly. We have a one dozen-strong professional staff team providing specialist input and support.

You would be welcome to come along to visit us. And you can read all about us and our quirky ways on our website at

Please do PM me or send a message via our website if you would like more info.

NLB Director


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Fantastic, thanks for the links and suggestions guys, just what I was looking for!


(ps I am actually a bass trombonist, good guess Dave!)


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Hi Chris, cheers for that, Sandhurst does look good. Think it's a bit too far out for me unfortunately, can't really get there, thanks for the suggestion though


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