Nomination: Funniest Thread - tMP Team Player Award

Funniest Thread - tMP Team Player Award

  • Frisp - Limericks

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  • The Music Man - Inebrieated

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  • Neiltwist - Composers r us

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  • Homocidalbennyboy - Moderators death wish

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  • Keppler - Best Picture

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Fishsta said:
There once was a man from Nantucket
Who poured all his lager into a bucket,
He put it to freeze
Alongside his peas
Now it's a popsicle and I'd like to suck it.


On the subject of 'Mr. Frisp' tho'

There is only one Mr. Frisp
He's related I have to insist
I'm not old, just sad
Mister must be my Dad
From now on please leave it at 'frisp' :wink:

The Judge

Heather said:
Frisp, you've just won my vote.....when do they let you out of the asylum??

Heather, you've hit on a touchy subject there. I'm afraid Frisp hasn't been taking his medication recently which has resulted in a relapse. These relapses involve manic behaviour, and the overwhelming urge to write limericks whilst drinking. He also ends up with the same facial expression as his avatar. His friends would like to help him but he says he'll only stop the limericks if we pay him a large amount of money. Please send any donations to him directly at:

Ballabonkers asylum
Isle of Man

I've had a word on his doctors and nurses, and they will make sure he gets anything that's sent.
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