Nomination: Best tMP Signature award


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I like Rachel (CG)'s one:

It's hard having the mentality of a dizzy blonde when you have the looks of a stationary brunette! :D

Makes me laugh all the time! :D :wink:


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i like CG's, but that having already been nominated, I'm going to go for Sammy T's about the wobbly spelling!


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Fishsta said:
Can I nominate mine at all? ;)

It's different every time!

I think that would make it ineligible: if the same ruling for signatures applies as that forAvatars, users were asked not to change it for the duration of the competition :lol:

Sorry :wink: :!: :!:


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michellegarbutt said:
I like cornet girls

Well, whatever floats your boat, but I think this might be the wrong place to tell us...

ahh, the humour of the missed apostrophe...


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Dave Payn's new one is class!
(Dad, I want to be a trumpet player.....)
But being a real dizzy blonde, I'm going to have to vote for CG's when it comes to it!!!

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