Nokia N-gage - Cornish Pasty or Quality Phone?


Don't know if this has been discussed recently but I am in need of a treat and was wondering about purchasing a nokia n-gage. Has any of you got one? If so, what is it like?



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i personally wouldnt buy one.... its really enormous so u cant fit it in anything smaller than a binliner, and so is inconvenient and i dont like the look of them.
personally i have a panasonic G50, very small (only 9cm or sumfin including arial) and it fits easily into any bag or pocket. and its a funky silver colour :D

Naomi McFadyen

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Best thing to do with this Nokia phone is to look it up on some phone sites and go into the shop you plan to get it from to ask to look at it and see its features etc etc...
Then once you see how big it is etc etc etc, you can say yay or nay....

If nay, look at the Sony Ericcson T610 ;-)
Small, fun, no arial... I have one, it's a great phone! :D


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Yeah go for the T610 8) . Really cool phone. Small light and durable and 'cos its (mostly) aluminium cased you can bash it around (a bit!) without if smashing into a million pieces. The N-guage is a brick in comparison.


..........erm I think the main reason for getting a n-gage is as a games machine not just to use as a phone.

I am a child at heart (and brain) and I want a toy but I am worried about looking like a spanner answering calls on a taco! But I've no shame! The reviews are top on the whole for the n-gage and you can play movies and theres a music software thingy and oh it's a mp3 player. Theres a site selling them sim free for £104.99, argos are selling it for about £250!
I just need a pressie!

Liz Courts

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:shock: Erm…I don’t mean to change the subject, but there’s nothing wrong with a Cornish pastie!!! :wink: :p :D :D

Naomi McFadyen

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:lol: yea, I was thinking the same when I first saw the thread... Cornish pasties are great!

Oh, and games and videos etc.,.. that's what my computer, DVD player and TV are for ;-)

Gadgets are good though, so get what you feel you want Alex!
I go for instruments myself, lol...



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x_lizc_x said:
:shock: Erm…I don’t mean to change the subject, but there’s nothing wrong with a Cornish pastie!!! :wink: :p :D :D

There would be if you tried to use it as a phone, you'd get pastry all over your shoulder when trying to talk into it, and if you tried to text on it, you'd punch holes in it, splurging gunk all over the place (admittedly very tasty gunk, but nevertheless, gunk). Wouldn't be pretty really!


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Alex, you want a phone buy a sony ericsson, either T610 or Z600. Nokia's have not kept pace with the market recently. You want a handheld games machine then buy a Gameboy Advance. In short the N-gage is one of those most elusive of gadgets; a crap phone and a crap games player too - truly tosh.

Dave Euph

x_lizc_x said:
:shock: Erm…I don’t mean to change the subject, but there’s nothing wrong with a Cornish pastie!!! :wink: :p :D :D

Yeah, I read the title and thought "I quite like cornish pasties!" ... :p

In writing the title of this thread I had no intention of offending the many cornish pastie lovers who frequent this forum, indeed there is a talented young lady who has part of this savoury delight in her surname. I was saddened that I had provoked this reaction. I too am a lover of this culinary masterpiece, we have in fact several reputable outlets that sell them on a lunchtime here in Scotland. :wink:

I must explain my choice of words. Cornish pasty or quality phone was in fact referring to the shape of the Nokia N-gage. i.e I didn't want people to think I was talking into a cornish pastie, that was all nothing more sinister. :wink:

Please accept my humble apologies.


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